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The theme this month is all about colour; bright colours, harmonious colours, clashing colours; colour for the sheer joy of it.


I’ve always loved RAINBOWS.  

I can remember being fascinated by them as a child.  My older brother did his best to burst my bubble of wonderment by explaining the science that caused them, but he never completely succeeded.  Oh, I understand about refraction and reflection (sort of) but the child in me still believes rainbows are magical.  They always appear when the sun comes out after the rain, creating a beautiful bridge between dark and light, despair and hope.  What could be more magical?  There are officially 7 colours in a rainbow which are, of course: 


but Wikipedia tells me that, between infrared and ultraviolet, the human eye can detect about 10 million different shades.  PJ’s in ALL the colours of the rainbow perhaps?!

The Colour Collision challenge last year produced the most spectacular burst of colour and I seem to recall that the NEONS were particularly popular: shocking pinks, bright oranges, sunny yellows, lime greens, passionate purples, electric blues.  Let your imagination run riot, mix them all together and see what happens.

I had one of those clever tubes as a child, the ones you look into and turn, making the pattern at the end change constantly.  KALEIDOSCOPES provide endless interest, from the simple repetition of shapes and colours to extraordinarily complicated pictures.  


I know you clever KASfolk will find unending ways of interpreting this theme but whatever you choose to do this month, let it be done in glorious


Don’t forget to post your photos in the gallery as well as here so they can be displayed on the Pinterest board which is here: https://www.pinterest.com/anne1464/knit-a-square-march-2015-rainbow...    Thanks Anne!

....and the album can be found here:   http://forum.knit-a-square.com/photo/albums/march-2015-theme-rainbo...


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Here are three squares to start off the challenge :)

The first one is a little bit of an odd colour combination, but I was able to use up 2 little balls of variegated and blue that was waiting to be used up in the bottom of our stash. #2 is just some chunky red and SUPER soft yellow variegated. #3 is just an alternating blue and orange PJ. I just love knitting/crocheting with bright fun colours :)

Can't wait to see everyones squares this month! 

One lonely little rainbow square to begin this month.

My antidote for "one too many Navy Scarves" - Neon grannies, of course! 

Oops - I see I've messed up a photo again.. These look a bit rectangular... one of these days I'll master Adobe Photoshop!!

Oh, no ... camera woes again. The lime green here is almost correct, but the pink in this square is really a peach colour.  And the white is, in fact, a lovely shade of yellow.  

Thanks everyone - what a wonderful start to this month's theme.  I do know how you feel about mixing colours Gloria - I was much the same until I led the Colour Collision challenge last year.  That forced me to re-think my colour combinations and I'm a lot braver now.  I'm so looking forward to seeing all the fun combinations.  Here's another rainbow square to keep Sharon's square company

Here's Louise's kaleidoscope.

Beautiful !

These will be so pretty and warm for the children, Louise!

Elaine, I have started our Pinterest board for March.

The URL is


If you could insert that into your intro, it will always be visible  as the pages change.  Thanks, Anne

PS - will you be starting an Album in photos?  If so, it would be a good idea to insert that URL into the intro as well.

This is going to be such a fun theme - I can hardly wait to see what comes.

Thanks Anne.  I've added the link to the Pinterest board and I've even managed to set up an album!  Yay!!

The first thing I thought of for this theme was the Kaleidoscope! I had one when I was little, I looked and looked into it, and turned, turned, turned :))).......Elaine, you brought back beautiful memories to me!

Anneke, this is gorgeous.  I had a kaleidoscope, too.  So did my kids and my grandkids :)))  This is an absolutely perfect representation of one.  Good for you! xo

I just knew you would be the first with a kaleidoscope square Anneke - and a beautiful, clever representation it is too!  



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