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Don't forget our March


 We have a BOY doll to knit,

and a warm and cozy square to crochet.

If you, like many of our talented crafters, enjoy making toys for the children, why not check out the 

Find the free pattern [HERE]

Valerie has given us the pattern for her beautiful 2-loop square.  Make one (or several) of these to add warmth to a little boy's blanket. 

Find Valerie's pattern [HERE]

Let's see how much warmth and fun we can create this month

to help put big smiles on little faces.

If for any reason you are unable to participate, please feel free to

drop in occasionally to have a look and cheer us on :)

I have started our special March - Think Boys

 [Photo Album]  

If you would like me to include your photos, please click on the "Photos" tab above and add your photos there.  I will then be able to copy them into our March Album.  Thanks ... xo

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What a beautiful blanket, Patricia!  Gloria will be 'over the moon' when she sees all that blue.

WOW!  Patricia, I had to zoom down quite a bit to see this beauty.  I was w-a-y up there 'over the moon' with stars in my eyes :))))  I absolutely LOVE this blanket - so many different designs in the squares and so many different shades of that beautiful BLUE ... an incredibly gorgeous masterpiece!  Well done and thank you!  xo

Woo Hoo, Patricia!

A beautiful collection of blues in a fab blanket.  :))

That really is lovely!

Can I ask how you have edged it please - I am thinking of attempting to sew some of my squares together to make up the blanket myself.

I'm not completely sure which edging I used on this blanket Rebecca and I've now sent it off so I can only look at the photos. A simple edging I do use is 1st Row: Half Trebles, 2nd Row: Double Crochet, 3rd Row: Slip Stitch in back loops. That's probably what this one is.

Beautiful!    I love all these blues together.   And, the display for the photo is perfect, too ... right down to the matching clothes pins, with the contrast ones on the ends.    Your attention to detail is truly impressive!   No wonder all your squares make me drool.

Oh dear! Well spotted, but it makes me look a little crazy that I matched the clothes pegs to the blanket. The only reason for the contrasting ends is that I hadn't got enough of the same colour!

Not crazy at all, just focused on getting things right!   That is a good thing in my world.

A beautiful blanket Patricia. Reminds me of quilted blankets. You know? The ones that hang in museums. A child will wrap up in this beauty and feel special. 

A little more blue, for 'you know who'

(It really IS square - the photographer didn't do a very good job)

You-know-who just LOVES this blue.  I love the square ... and dolphin, too  :)

Another treasure for a little boy's blanket.  Thank you, Anne ... xo

Awww, sooooo sweet, Anne....and with the little white caps on the waves.  :))



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