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Dear Kas Community

As we in Australia head into the final stretch of 2012, with just a few hours to go, we want to wish you all a wonderful celebration as you move towards the New Year.

We wish health and wellbeing for you and all all your family and a sense of ease and comfort for any of you who have had troubles in 2012. 

We wish too that in 2013, with renewed energy and vigour we can one square at a time, even one stitch at a time, make a difference in the lives of others, particularly the children who you care about so much.

Here is to a great deal of fun and spirit of community and energy in 2013 here in the forum and many more warm children as a result.

We take this opportunity to thank Pam Antink, our forum administrator and the wonderful moderators who have been so diligent in looking after the challenges and keeping the forum ticking over so that it remains safe and warm environment in which we can congregate.  

Happy New Year to you all.   Stay safe, with love Sandy, Ronda and Kalai.

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Thank you Sandy, Ronda and Kalai - all of us reciprocate your kind words.  You have just 5 hours to go - Cheers!

Happy New Year to you too. Hugs, Gitta

According to my Melbourne clock, only 3 and a bit hours to go!

11 hours and a bit to go in South Africa :)

Happy New Year to all of you - Sandy, Ronda and Kalai - and may 2013 be our best year ever in KAS.  It sure looks different than it did December 31, 2008!!

The naughty part of me is wondering if it would be OK to start celebrating on Australia time..... by the time the year changes here in Canada, I will be tucked up in bed snoring.  What a party animal I am!!

He he he. An excellent idea Anne P :)

Love it!  Anne you give me such a giggle.   I really enjoy seeing the different New Years Celebrations televised from around the world.  Apparently over one billion people watch the glitter ball descend in New York City. Wow.  I always love the display Australia puts on in Sydney harbor...just excellent.  :)

A Happy New Year to All You Wonderful KASers Far and Wide!!!


I speak also on behalf of my sister Anne. She is moving to her new home in the Tuscan countryside TODAY! What a great start to the new year that will be for her.

xoxoxo !!!

Wow, I hope she'll post a picture of her surrounding countryside, the landscape for us sometime.

Oh and HAPPY NEW YEAR  and all the best for a lovely 2013 everyone! 

A big thank you to Sandy, Ronda and Kalai and may 2013 be a blessed year for you and all KASers. Still over 11 hours to go before the fireworks start here.

Thanks and Happy New Year to both of you too :) How nice for Anne to be moving into her new  home today :)

Just saw the fireworks in Sydney on our news - 'tis a sad thing to be in a hemisphere that is so far behind (8:30 a.m. here).

However, we ARE right side up!



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