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African Animal Flashcards

Hello everyone! Following the success of my alphabet flashcards, I set out last year to create cards for African animals. Of course, life got in the way, but I'm happy to say that I have finally finished what I started.


Below are two PDF files for printing at your leisure. I'm sure you'll enjoy them, even if you keep them for yourselves or hand them out to the children in your own lives.


Andrea :o)


These are just terrific Andrea - what a fabulous project and it will be of such use.  Hope to get round to printing off and sending a set sometime - now you have done all of the hard work! :-)

Alphabet Flashcards!


Thank you, Andrea, for posting these Flashcards here in this discussion!

For those of you who haven't seen them yet, do take time to have a peek.  These have actually been here on the forum for quite a while, but hidden away in a discussion no one visits much anymore

If memory serves me, Andrea designed these herself (for her own little ones?), and I think we'd all agree that she is a computer whiz in addition to being a world class square-maker

Thes flashcards would be great slip-ins, or could be left as full size sheets for use as wall decorations in some of the gloomier creches.

I am brand new here and I am wondering if these cards are still needed? I could print these off and get them sent off while I am knitting more things!

Welcome Georgia !  So glad you have joined us. We now offer an option to buy educational items through the KAS Shop [see top toolbar].  Plus it saves members money on postage...better saved for yarn :-)


For those who want the Sydney The Owl pattern, I just posted it here. I hope it's readable, because it's a scanned copy. I had written it all out, but when I got half way through it all disappeared and I really didn't have the courage to type it up again.

PLEASE remember, this is not my pattern. It was first published May 2013 in KNIT NOW magazine. The photo here is one my friend Gill Watson made.

Thanks so  much for posting this, Valerie.  Tell Gill I love the expression on her owl - it's better than the pattern.  Makes we want to write captions.....  Like "What do you mean - fly??"  or "What? mouse again for dinner??"

Lovely! I'll have to remember to tell Gill that. It's true that this owl is absolutely gorgeous. You just want to take ir home with you. I think the children will love it. She's making as many as possible for our fundraiser at the end of the month. They should sell well.

I agree, very clever captions Anne.  Those are adorable owls and if the knitting abbreviations didn't lose me completely I might try one....I see it's basically a rectangle so one could do it just knitted and then embroider the feathers on his tummy afterwards I suppose.   Sure is cute!

Just printed this guy off, now having grandsons and a daughter who loves owls gives me extra incentive and these will be quick to knit up for KAS as well.



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