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MESO DAYCARE & SIZANANI DAY CARE with bonus report from Nani!

Wandi and Thomas (Themba's nephew, who is a delightful young man and has been deputised to be our driver by his uncle !) went off to distribute to two different venues.

The first one, Meso, was Wandi's contact in an informal settlement area known as Bram Fischer.

The second distribution was actually Mabel's contact but she was feeling poorly on Tuesday so Wandi did it for her ... in any case only two people are able to travel in the van, for safety reasons, so it worked out well.


Nani took about 80 blankets to a church group on Sunday 26th November, she said it was a group gathered from the local informal settlement, of the poorest children and parents, most of whom would have been attendees at the church.
She said they were delighted and so grateful !

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What a heart-warming start to the Christmas weekend. A timely reminder of what's really important.

oh my goodness the blankets being blessed! its so good to see distributions even when its warm in SA. Here the wind howls and I'm using up all the left over wool into squares.

Thank you for sharing these terrific photos with us.

What an incredible Christmas gift for me to see some of my toys in both distributions.  

Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!!

Oh wow!  I see one of my sister( Sandra Jones) little dolls, and one of mum( Col L'Huillier) beanies.  We are all together in Canberra at my brothers home for Christmas.... what a wonderful surprise and Christmas Eve.  Best wishes everyone xxx

What  a lovely report. Those bundles look so cheerful and inviting with the toy in evidence. I love the picture of the little boy with his bundle on tne ground. The bundle is almost as big as he is.

Is that the number 1 little brother?  I thought he looked wonderful!!

Thank you for sharing these pictures! It was wonderful to see one of the blankets my mum and I made and one of her stuffed animals with the kids! :)

I see a few of my blankets here, which is nice to see, especially at this time of the year and to children who have very little. Heartwarming. 

Kerri and Cath, so glad you saw some of your wonderful work !  It is heartening to know that the children will have warm [and beautiful] blankets and toys.

It is such a delight seeing these children with their happy, smiling faces.  I suppose this was a lovely day for them.  Well done to all who made / bought the toys, made the hats, mitts and squares and sewed the blankets and those who distributed the items.

Isn't it lovely that we are able to make children we do not know and who do not know us fee so happy!

Thank you for all these beautiful photos of the beautiful children!  So inspiring.  Thank you, thank you!!!

What stunning photos. Thank you for the effort of taking the photos. As I look at them I realise that the making into bundles for presentation is also quite a lot of work and time. The final step and the children stow them away in all manner of places and nooks. Happy Day.



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