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Wandi and Thomas (Themba's nephew, who is a delightful young man and has been deputised to be our driver by his uncle !) went off to distribute to two different venues.

The first one, Meso, was Wandi's contact in an informal settlement area known as Bram Fischer.

The second distribution was actually Mabel's contact but she was feeling poorly on Tuesday so Wandi did it for her ... in any case only two people are able to travel in the van, for safety reasons, so it worked out well.


Nani took about 80 blankets to a church group on Sunday 26th November, she said it was a group gathered from the local informal settlement, of the poorest children and parents, most of whom would have been attendees at the church.
She said they were delighted and so grateful !

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What beautiful children and so happy looking.  Would be so much fun to be there when they get those gifts.  God bless all the volunteers out there distributing. Gwen from NS Canada

So so wonderful to see all these beautiful children receiving such beautiful gifts given from the heart of the world.. In todays times we see only doom and gloom on the news, its heartening to know that there is out there a core of dedicated and wonderful folk who care about the little ones of the world... I have not , I hate to admit been posting my squares and have a large number .. I have not been well this past few yrs and had been very remiss in keeping in contact and actually posting all I have collected... Well my New Years Resolution has already began and I sorted out into parcels what is ready to go.. I have still about 200 crochet squares given me that are too small . I have crocheted around about the same amt and these will be part of the posting.. Sadly the young lady who crocheted them , died here recently so I really must get them done .. Its done me good to see these beautiful children and re-enthuse me once again...

Hello Elaine, I'm sorry to hear of your ill health these past few years but its wonderful for us to know the photos from these distributions have made such a difference to how you are feeling.  Congratulations for making your New Years Resolution to post off your squares, Ronda and the team in SA will be pleased to receive them. Keep up the good work, every square you send will make a difference to a vulnerable child in SA.   Elaine, welcome back to KAS  :))

For the first time I have spotted something I packed and sent!  I am so happy today!

I'm so pleased for you Angela....It's always a lovely feeling when you spot something you've sent to KAS in distribution photos .  :))

It’s a great feeling, right? Congratulations, Angela.

Just spotted my yellow, orange and lilac crocheted blanket wrapped around a child. This has made my day to see another child having a little bit of comfort. (2nd picture with children in).

How lovely to see that your blanket is fulfilling it's purpose. I found it on the photo. It looks so nice and comfy.

Congratulations Joyce.  Is your blanket a striped one wrapped that's around the child wearing a pale blue hat? It's a beauty.  :))

Yes that's the one. Everybody who seen it before I sent it all admired the colours saying how lovely it is.

Congratulations, Joyce. Your blanket found a child. 

A beautiful blanket Joyce.  I know what a thrill it is to see something you have made in a distribution... it inspires you to want to make more.




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