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The Rockville Gogo Group have been doing a sterling job for KAS, they are a new group from last year!

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Lovely to see the ladies who we are teaming up with when we send our squares - thank you all for your skilful stitching!

The blankets look so bright and colourful.  What a tiny classroom and the children sleeping on the floor.  Hopefully a warm blanket makes life just a bit better for these youngsters.

what lovely photos! I was thinking of that song There were three in the bed and one said rollover rollovr!

Glorious colours - I've been working my way through lots of donations which are a bit mud coloured but hoping for more cheerful yarn soon.

Sometimes the "mud" colored ones really help anchor a blanket, particularly if it's got a lot of bright striped squares in it. They too have their place and way to go for sticking with them to use them up, I know they're not always the most thrilling colors to work with.  High fives!

Now I've got that song going through my head, lol. I haven't thought of it in years. :D

We really do need a "love" button, not just a like button.  Awwww, all those little ones. How precious they are. And I think I'll copy and paste a photo or two onto my Facebook page so others can see why we do what we do. 

Looking at the photos of the Rockville Go Go group I am immediately struck by how this is a wonderful opportunity for them to get together and socialize as well as feel they're contributing very positively to the betterment of the community and particularly the kids.  Power to them!  It also makes me want to churn out more squares so they've got something to work on, though I've been looming up hats lately.  I enjoy doing the diagonal knit squares...it takes longer to hand knit, for me, than to loom but I do enjoy it so.

I agree with you Jeanne. These photos are too much. I have tears in my eyes, not just from the photos of the children, but also from those of these fantastic gogos without whom there wouldn't be nearly as many blankets. They all look so dedicated.

Wonderful. Absolutely wonderful. The care for the children, the blankets, and the Gogos training session. Absolutely wonderful. 

Lovely to see these ladies all working together sewing up blankets!



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