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More sad news - Sue Gush of Centurion,S.A. has passed away

Sue was a member of the forum since May 2009. She did not post much here, but was an avid KAS supporter, and posted in the KAS group on Ravelry

Rhonda H. posted the following in the Ravelry discussion (thanks to Mary Lokken for fowarding this)

"Thank you for sharing the news with this group. Knitting for KAS was very important to Sue. She joined the group early on and sent hundreds of squares, several beautiful sweaters, vests, and hats during the last 4 years. Because she lived in South Africa, she frequently sent blankets, because mailing things from the same country weren’t subjected to the same duties and fees and/or scrutiny that the rest of the parcels are subjected to.

In July of last year, Sue told me about a very uncomfortable conversation she’d had with her doctor, telling her it was time to get hospice care organized because she didn’t have much longer. Even then, she wanted to continue helping for as long as possible, and she did. I think she’d be very pleased to know that her example has inpired others to pick up where she left off. She’ll definitely be missed.

I will continue making things for KAS as long as I can and I’ll try and see to it that the final box gets sent to you, but I will be doing progressivly less as time goes on. I get a lot of pleasure making things for the kids, it’s been great fun and I certainly don’t intend to give up yet, but I thought I should just let you know what the situation is.

I’m glad the suffering is behind her."

Those of us not on Ravelry did not really get to know this wonderful lady.  If anyone knows of a family member we could notify about this condolence page, please let me know.

Meanwhile, our thoughts are with Sue's family, and we are all grateful for the time and talent she gave to changing the lives of our KAS children

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Thank you for letting us know Rhonda H, Mary Lokken and Anne P about another KAS Angel leaving us.  I hope her final box got sent off for her and that her family can take some comfort from how many little ones she's helped in the past 4 years.  God Bless her wherever she is now and my sincere condolences to all her family and friends.  I am sure she will be deeply missed.  God speed Sue!

Thank you for posting this, Anne.

For those of you on Ravelry, you can see the post about Sue's passing on the KAS forum here:


And here is Sue's personal page where you can see some of the items she made for KAS:


My condolences to Sue's family and friends.



My condolences to Sue's family. 

Sad to hear of Sue's passing, but good to hear that she wanted to and did continue to knit for the KAS children.  Lovely to think that even though she may have been suffering herself she still wanted to do things for others.  An inspirational lady I am sure, even though I did not really know her.  Best wishes to her family.

Thanks for posting this Anne P. Our thoughts are with her family and friends.

We are so sad at KAS SA - Sue Gush sent the VERY FIRST local SA contribution to Knit-a-Square and SO many thereafter, we felt as though we knew her personally.  Sadly, we knew nothing about her illness and have been shocked to hear of her passing. May she rest in great peace ... I last wrote to her about a year ago, to thank her for her amazing support of Knit-a-Square, but have no way of knowing whether she received the letter.  I hope she knew what a wonderful blessing she was to us all - and how we loved opening her parcels which were always a treat for us.  God bless and rest her sweet soul.

I have just been reading this post and viewing Sue's work posted on Ravelry. What a wonderfully compassionate, talented lady.

Sincere sympathy to her family and friends. 

Wonderful work Sue made for KAS. Condolences to her family, we are all thinking of them at this sad time.

We are greatly sad to hear of the passing of one of our loyal KasCommunity.  Sue was consistent in her contributions and her presence and it is greatly touching to think that she continued to think of the children and wished to keep up the work as long as she was able.   From how she write to Rhonda H, she was clearly a very courageous person too and from that and her work and care for the children, we should all be inspired. 

Rest in peace Sue and on behalf of all the KasCommunity and the children that Sue has helped, we send our deepest sympathies to her family. 

From the Ravelry KAS Forum:

Sue and her husband Robert chose this rose and had a it named after Sue, they chose a yellow rose which was from a lovely memory in Sue’s childhood.


That is lovely and very special !

What an extraordinary way to be remembered!



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