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Hi everyone ! Let me tell you a nice story ...

A few month ago, I sent a long letter to 10 nursing homes, about KAS , about the needs of the vulnerable children in South Africa. I asked them if they would knit for us.
2 weeks later, I called each nursing home. Some just said "no thanks", some said "not interested" (!!!!), but the last one ...

It is a nursing home in Noisy Le Roi, very near my house, called Les Jardins de Noisy.
I had a lady called Corinne on the phone. She is responsible for the everyday activities of the ladies in this home. She presented KAS to them, and they were THRILLED ! It was late in June, the ladies were already knitting. They had plenty of wool, so ... We decided to meet in September.
No need to say that my spirits were high !
One out of ten, not so bad, after all !

So, this week, I went to the nursing home to meet our new volunteers. About ten knitters were waiting for me. I had printed some photos of children, wrapped in blankets. I felt that they would need to see where their squares would go.
Do you know how many squares they had knitted ? An impressive 308 ! Plus 1 scarf, baby socks, and ... 2 knitted blankets ! Woooooow ! And I can tell you that the squares are PERFECT !
I was speechless ... Didn't even imagine one second that they could have knitted so many squares, and so well, too.
I thanked them, and thanked them, told them everything I knew about KAS, my visits to SA ...

And then, they thanked me. Can you imagine that ? The world upside down !
Because ... Well ... They said that for once, they felt useful.
There is even one lady who is nearly blind. She knits with a device that enlarges what she is doing, a sort of huge microscope. It takes a lot of energy and courage to knit in these conditions.

Next ... Well , more knitting of course, we have had a huge donation of wool. Corinne is going to write an article for the town's newsletter , for more wool, and maybe more knitters ...

Go France, go !

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That is wonderful news Isabelle - we are all delighted.  The others may have turned you down, but the Noisy Le Roi (love the name!) residents are certainly coming from their hearts - 308 squares is brilliant and other goodies too!

Don't forget to post some pics on the Photo tab!  Do thank Corinne - we'd love to hear more!

no doubt I will have more news ! I was so thrilled, that I told the story to some parents at my kids school = more wool donation !

Look at these squares ! Noisy le Roi's knitters ROCK !

Love to see a table groaning with squares!  You have not just thrown a pebble in the pond to ripple out Isabelle, but a great big rock!  Well done, wonderful achievement.

Oh My  a great contribution. Many thanks to Noisy le Roi !

Thanks for sharing this, Isabelle. What a win-win - you've found a way to give squares to our kids and purpose to some seniors!

What a wonderful story!

What a wonderful story!!  I love everything about it! Squares for our kids, dignity for the elderly - it's the best kind of story EVER!!  Good job, Isabelle!  I know personally how much some seniors get out of helping KAS.  It's the first time many have felt "useful" in a long time.  I'm so proud of you for helping them all!

This is a wonderful story I work in a nursing home and some of the ladies knit for KAS but the square are to small and I have to make them large. They can cope with to many stitches some have 25 and others have 30 keeps me busy!!!!

Well done Dawn for being so patient!  I bet those ladies now feel valuable, and, it is wonderful that you ensure they squares are made 'whole'.

I'm very lucky, because the squares are just the right size, except for one lady, but she makes them very stretchy , so it should be all right ...

Fantastic result Isabelle.  I hear time and time again from my ladies that they want to feel useful - we have said before that knitting for KAS is a win/win situation - everyone benefits.



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