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I´m just gonna introduce myself now:
My name is Jana, I live in Germany and I´ve just finished my 4th square for KAS. Not much yet but I promise I´ll make more.

I love the idea of KAS because I love knitting and crochet, I love helping children and I love South Africa. I lived in Johannesburg as an exchange student when I was 16 and aside from the great landscape and wanderful people the one thing I´ll never forget about my time there is how cold the winter was. I think a lot of people think of SA as warm country because that is just the image we have of Africa in general but it get´s really cold. When I was there I slept with a heating blanket, something I´d never done before nor after (and I grew up in a village that has the word "cold" in it´s name!). I also remember me and my "sister" and a friend sitting in the kitchen with the oven on and the oven door open because that was the only way to stay warm...
So just the thought of something small that I made keeping a child warm makes me very happy. This is a great organisation and you are all amazing people for doing what you are doing!

So, here is a picture of my first 4 squares along with some of the little toys I´m gonna send. (Question: the little squid, crab and starfish are finger-puppets. Do you think it´s a good idea to send them? Maybe not for an individual child but maybe for a daycare or something?)

Oh, and I hope it´s okay but I wrote about KAS on my Blog (you can find the post here. It doesn´t have a lot of readers (yet) but maybe someone stumbles across it and finds their way here as well. If it´s not okay or you need me to change anything about it let me know.

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Great collection Jana.  Finger puppets seem to be popular, particularly with teachers who may not have many educational supplies.  I am sure everything will be used.

Hi Jana, Welcome! Your squares look beautiful and your blog is like a breath of fresh air full of enthusiasm and inspiration. Keep up the great stitchery! Karen x

Hallo Jana!

Auch ich wohne in Deutschland:-)

Werde deinen Blog gleich mal lesen..

Liebe Grüße


Love, love, love your blog, Jana. Don't stress too much about your squares being 21 x 21cm...it's when they are 7" x 9" or  6" x 6" (just examples) that they present more of a 'challenge' for our sewing and sorting ladies at the KAS office in SA.

This is a lovely parcel that you are getting together for KAS....LOVE the finger puppets.  :)) They will all find a loving 'forever' home.

Thank you for the kind words and encouragement. I had to restart a new square 3 times yesterday (first it was too small, then it was too big...I started to feel like Goldilocks...) but the thought of your kind words and those little children kept me from just throwing everything to the side and giving up. I think I´ll try my hand at a C2C square next, it seems they are easier to get the size right...

And I´m very happy to hear that finger puppets are somewhat in demand. The ones here where an impulse buy at IKEA several years ago but I actually have a book with patterns for knitted finger puppets that I´ve been itching to try out. 

Ooh, that sounds fun, Jana!! I think I had some patterns for finger puppets saved on my computer 'once upon a time'. I save so much and achieve so little.  lol.

Please do post pics of them in the photo section, when you are ready. We would love to see them.  :))



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