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Welcome to the November Challenge!


We have had our first snowfall here in Eastern Canada, and it won’t be long before shopping centres are full with Christmas decorations and all sorts of toys and games. What better time to put our crafting creativity into fun, toy-themed squares for our children!


Classic toys and games like these might be a good start.




Do you have a special memory of a favourite toy or game from your childhood? That could be a wonderful inspiration for squares!


And, don’t forget our favourite toy – crayons. Why you ask?

Why, to make crayon-coloured Plain Janes, like these beauties from Anne P., of course!


After you have had fun and games with your toy and game squares, why not try a Teddy Bear?


Our Pattern of the Month is the wonderful Teddy Hand Puppet designed in knit by Shelley Pearson and in crochet by Andrea Palmatier.

I have never made a knit toy, but I am going to give it a try this month. Won’t you join me?


You will be able to visit our Square Art Galleries here:

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Don't forget to follow our wonderful new challenge and add your square totals there:

KAS Reaches New Heights for Children

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Laurie, this challenge will be great fun for the child in us ... I can't wait to see what wonderful and amazing things this talented group will create.

I'm going to start off with two yarn balls.  The first one looks complicated but is actually very easy knitting - just lengths of stocking stitch.   Mine came out about 4.5 inches across.

You can find the pattern here:


This pattern has very good instructions on how to assemble the ball, but there is also a video on YouTube if you prefer:










The 2nd ball is slightly larger, about 6 inches across.  I used scraps of leftover yarn to make it, and stuffed it with even more scraps, so it is very soft and squishy.  When it was done, I thought it looked boring, so I picked up the brightest neon yarn I could find and made surface crochet sections in lime green, and now it looks like a grapefruit.  LOL! 

Here's the link for this pattern:





Sharon, what wonderful toys to start the November challenge !  Balls are wonderful sharing toys and the children will have a great time with them.  

Sharon, these are fantastic!

Sharon, you have us off to a good start!

What fabulous toys, Sharon.  Fun for someone ... for sure !! xo

Sharon, thank you so much for "getting the ball rolling!" These are fabulous and the children will love them! Thanks too for sharing the patterns. I will be checking them out. They are perfect stash-busting projects!

Sharon, these are beautiful and what a splendid idea to give the children these "safe" soft balls. They will have a lot of fun with these. Thank you so much for the links of the patterns. Wonderful way to use up odds and ends! xoxo

Oh my gosh, Sharon....These are BRILLIANT!!!! LOVE them!!!

Anneke, I think the braided ball pattern was originally written in Dutch and later translated into English.  There might be a crochet version, too, but I haven't tried it yet. .... hint, hint .....no pressure, though.

They are super. I'd love to play with them.

Fabulous - cannot wait to try these - and so nice and soft for little hands to play with - great patterns for this challenge.

These are brilliant and I mean brilliant , both the colours and the design are wonderful.. can just imagine the fun the kids will have with these.. Oh I just so soo love what you all are doing for these beautiful children...



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