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This month the Square Heart Award goes to

mother and daughter team

Cathy Smith and Joan Todd

These two wonderful ladies from the USA, knit and crochet tirelessly for the children of South Africa. Their work embodies the quiet love and dedication of every member of Knit-a-Square.

When I launched a KAS challenge on my blog in 2012, Cathy and Joan sent me nearly 200 squares and garments! Each square was as beautiful as the examples you see here. Joan's grandmother-in-law generously paid for postage. This is what Knit-a-Square is all about, each of us doing our part to make a difference in the lives of the orphans of South Africa.

Cathy has also made a wonderful photo tutorial on how to "butterfly" a tail.

You can see it here.

Dear Cathy and Joan,

many, many thanks and

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Congratulations Cathy and Joan!!

Thanks Cathy and Joan !   You are a great team, working to keep the children in South Africa warm.

Congratulations Cathy and Joan. Wonder women !

Three cheers for Cathy and Joan!  A well-deserved award.

Thank you for all you do for KAS. God bless you and give you many more great years of serving the children. 

Congratulations Cathy and Joan. Many thanks for all you do for KAS. 

Congratulations on receiving the award.  :)) A pair of quiet achievers with hearts of gold.

Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful!

Congratulations Cathy & Joan:)


Congratualtions Cathy & Joan, a very well deserved award, and very special for you to share it together - enjoy!

What a great team of women helping the children of South Africa!! Many, many thanks to you both - congratulations!



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