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With many thanks to Debbie Posmontier,

who launched the idea of temperature squares as a monthly theme.

I am pleased to host:


Have you heard of temperature squares?

They are a wonderful theme idea, and it's easy to see why -- they're fun to make, a 30 day project and have the potential to turn into cheerful blankets for boys and girls.

What are temparature squares? 

The basic idea is that you knit or crochet a square for a blanket in a color that coordinates with the temperature. If you use different  colors, you'll get a beautiful variation throughout the day, week or even month . Depending on the climate where you live, each color will correspond to the degrees.

Below  is a sample color chart. I have chosen this one for the children because of its bold colors. Please feel free to use pastels, shades, tones.

Don’t think if it snows and it is far below zero (-18C), your square should consist of one color only (following the chart it should be Pinky Purple)..the day has more temperatures than one, maybe the same day it rises up to -7C (Blue).. and imagine sitting in the sun…..the real feel could be +10C (Green) and the colors of your square will change….and maybe even your mood?

There are so many variations you could do for squares , or maybe you are in the mood to make a blanket….

- You don't necessarily have to make striped squares…..use any pattern you like, e.g. circle in a square, CtC diagonal stripes, diagonal knit squares, granny squares, and so on. The stripes or other patterns and plain janes will represent our global community temperature squares.

- Think of the high and low temp of each day – and also at night - for a single location, or,

- The high and low temperatures of a location combined in the northern and southern hemisphere, e.g. Toronto combined with Bryanston.....

Since we live all over the world, the possibilities are endless and I am curious to see what the temperatures will bring!

Talking about temperatures: Handwarmers are more than welcome!

Have fun Everyone!


Photo album: http://forum.knit-a-square.com/photo/albums/november-2017-theme-tem...

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Handwarmers in "moody colors" by Jude Sullivan: Jude said:

"I hope this variegated wool has incorporated various temperatures for this month's theme."....and I say YES they absolutely do! They look - and are - warm and snug :)

3 pairs handwarmers in variegated yarn.  cool blues, greens and warming shades if pink.  its got to be Spring somewhere in the world :)

What a lovely soft colors Joan, they really represent Spring!

Gorgeous, Joan.  You're right ... it's got to be spring somewhere.  Unfortunately, it's not here ... LOL xo

Beautiful hand-warmers from Rebecca, Jude and Joan.  All temperatures represented.

Jude, these are lovely!  And they do fit in with this month's temperature theme ... whatever the weather :) xo

I couldn't let this month's theme go by without at least one contribution.  I have been enjoying everyone's take on the weather in their area and beyond.  Here is a peek at the weather on the east cost of Canada.

We are headed into winter.  This month started with lovely mild fall temperatures, but each day my thermometer sinks further down.  The light shades in this are actually rich green to green, changing into sky blue.  That takes care of the first of this month.  Now in the middle of November, the darker blue is taking over, matching the night time temperatures (and my mood ... LOL).  If you look closely, you will see little orange flecks running through the whole square.  These flecks show you where my heart is ... in the middle summer :))) xo

This is so very pretty , Gloria. Obviously, you have all the tones and shades of blue imaginable in your basket to express so much in a square. The yarn is gorgeous. It'll be summer again...

Lovely shades in this square Glo.  Now the advantage of the colder temps is an 'opportunity' for you to use more blue :-)

LOL ... You're right!  Perhaps that's why my schedule wouldn't allow me to make a square until now??  xo

Great idea, Gloria, to use yarn with flecks of "warm" colors during the cold months.

Glo, what a beautiful and romantic description of the weather....and your mood :) We have to get used to the fact that Winter is coming - whether we like it or not - hopefully it means a lot of knitting, cro-knit, Tunisian crochet, try out new patterns, new colors.....ooops sorry....that's a lot of different "blues" for you :) Brave to choose yarn with orange flecks, it makes a stunning and very warm looking square....by the way, I have been enjoying everyone's take on the weather in their area and beyond too! xo



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