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This month as a challenge we are just going to relax, stay calm, and make Plain Janes!


We have been very creative during the past few months, making amazing decorated squares, so we deserve to just take a rest and get back to basics.

This will be a great opportunity to use up some of the yarn in your stash, take a break from holiday planning, and just make a few stitches when you have a chance.



I would like to point out that this isn't a race or a competition, it's just a celebration of the wonderful Plain Jane Square that is the backbone to all KAS blankets.


Should you have a desire to make decorated squares - please do! There are no rules or regulations - just a goal of making blankets for children, made from beautiful squares arriving in South Africa from all over the world.

Here is a lovely poem by Anne Powell in celebration of the Plain Jane Square!


I’m just a ‘plain Jane’ square

Nothing fancy, nothing grand!

Just a ‘plain Jane’ square,

Made by a loving hand.

You think I’m not important?

Well, think again, my friend!

‘Cause many other ‘plain Janes’

When they’re joined end to end

Will keep an orphan warm at night,

Wrap ‘round them on cold days,

And tell them that they’re loved

In, oh, so many ways!


I have started a flickr page here:



Gitta has set up an album here on the KAS Forum:



Away we go!



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I knew this challenge was coming. so I cheated a bit and started my Plain Janes in early October.  I managed to get 80 done - 38 purple,19 orange, 12 blue, 6 red, 5 yellow.  This month I am switching to variegated yarns, but I am also glad to see that 'anything goes' and that we can include stripes. 

Kick-off PJ's! I love this challenge Mary Kristel. Lovely to just sit down, take a lovely color and knit or crochet along! ZEN, ZEN, ZEN........relax where you can.....

My first (ever) three diagonal knitted squares :)



And these 9 PJ's were dropped off with me this afternoon by fellow Jbay "Stitch Witch" Tanya and her friend Sally :)


Here's a simple striped plain jane!

I have a husband, two boys and even a male dog, so I don't get to play with pink too often.  These squares made a nice change for me!!

I done 420 squares from 1st September to Yesterday.  We had a challange for squares in South Africa.  I Completed 12 blankets squares,  just need to sew them together and do borders now :)

Eight variegated PJs - white/yellow/turquoise

a multi-color PJ made with one strand of sock wool and one strand of white aran weight.

Four PJs made with leftover Carnival colours

Nine PJs - just using up yarn!


Here is my first Batch of Plain Jane squares for November (some were actually made in the last week or so of October though, as I started early). There are 4 of each colour in each bundle (24 altogether). The colours look a little 'faded' in the photo to how they are in reality.  The squares at bottom left are a bright vibrant Magenta and the green squares above are a brighter Mint green than they look.

Going to do a few striped PJ's next to use up some of what was left over from these.

And here is a 'Plain Jane' Jumper to fit with the November theme.  This one was made by my Mother.  She recently finished an adult sized jumper for herself and found it quite hard going, so decided a child sized jumper would be a nice change.  I convinced her to make one for the KAS Kids.  She really enjoyed doing  it and is now making another!  This one measures 28 inches and should fit a child of about 5/6 years.

More plain janes four brights, four pastels



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