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For the next two weeks, prior to the beginning of the next BIG SURPRISE CHALLENGE, we are giving you free reign to HAVE SOME FUN, while creating mucho squares!

BUT WAIT!  Hold your hat!  Or should I say; HOLD – THE – HATS!!

We have learned from Ronda and her crew that they have approximately 3 hats for every potential blanket!  We have been asked, for the time being, to please focus on squares rather than hats.  Might I suggest that, rather than making a hat, you make 3 squares instead?

As you can see from the photos that Ronda provided, they have A LOT of hats!

Lots of hats!                         


....and more hats!

SO, let's work on our fundamental purpose, MAKING SQUARES!!

As always, the greatest need is for plain jane squares!  But if you need some inspiration, here are some ideas for you!

Finish your UFOs (unfinished objects!)  If you are like me, you probably have a few partially done squares hiding away in your cupboards.  This is a great opportunity to finish up all of those squares that were started for a different challenge and never got finished!

Explore your creativity!  There are limitless possibilities for exploring your creativity.  Color is one of my favorite ways to do that!  Where to look?  A color wheel can help when trying new colors together!  

Fabric can give you some great color combos; I love perusing the fabric store for ideas!



Pump out some major PJs!!!    Wouldn’t it be awesome to see stacks and stacks of plain janes?!?!  Check out Susan Haines’ stack of 88 squares!

I hope you have some fun with our “Un-challenge”!  I can’t wait to see what you create!!

*****Laurie Fortier has graciously created a Pinterest page for the "Un-challenge"!  The link for that is here:


*****You can also find the photo albums for this challenge here:



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already working on it this morning I sewed together  24 small squares to make 6 8x8 squares my sister in law gave me a bag full of unfinished squares so sewing them together to make 8x8 then will post them off

That's terrific Ann, I hope you post some photos!

Great Mary Anne! I have to admit I couldn't help but laugh when is saw all of the hats! I knew that there were 3 hats for every blanket, but it is a bit staggering to see it! Lol Anyway, it looks like it'll be a great "mini" challenge. I've got a huge shipment of yarn on the way, so that ought to help :).

It is a bit overwhelming to see all those hats!  I'm looking forward to seeing what you create with your new yarn Cherry!

I have to admit, I'm getting a little tired of Alphabet squares!  I took a break to make a couple grannies, and then back to the Alphabet!  Hopefully, I can get them done by next week and can move on to some other fun stuff, LOL!

Oh, Mary Anne, you are such a dear to lead us in this un-challenge.   And your squares are so pretty!  Anyone would be thrilled to have these in their blanket!

Well, the pattern I use only goes for five rows and makes a six inch square. So when I start adding the additional rows, I basically dbl crochet around and in the corners I do "2 dbl,2 chains & 2 dbl". After a couple rows of that, it starts to square up better. Let me know if this helps at all. If not, let me know what pattern you are using & I will see if I can come up with anything! :)

My favourites...circle in a square. I think they're very appropriate for the Square Circle! I find them much more interesting than normal grannies. I love the tweedy effect of yours.

Thanks ladies! I do love this particular pattern, as it goes quickly and I think it's very pretty. I used two different DK yarns to get that tweedy look ;)

Oh this is going to be so much fun... and relaxing at the same time.  I have set my own personal Unchallenge.  I've been staring at the balls of yarn in the photo below - all sportweight, so I'll have to use 2 strands. I'm going to see how many PJs I can turn this into (although if I get too bored with the orange/white/purple PJ thing, I may have to resort to some stripes just for relief)

Oh, very yummy colors and yarn!  Your squares will go quick too, with two strands....I've really become fond of doing that!  Thicker and quicker, LOL!

If I only have one skein of a sportweight sometimes I take yarn from both ends to double it! Looks a bit funny lol, but it works!



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