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"Variety is the Spice of Life"- and this month's theme offers plenty of variety whatever your level of skills in knitting or crochet.

Let  your imagination run riot with  yarn, colour,  stitch  and texture to create squares, blankets, hand warmers or toys, whether a  traditional crochet granny square,  in knitted garter stitch -  we love Plain Janes  - or in the wonderful range of variegated yarn. 

Or try your hand at something new  - there are lots of ideas on the KAS Pattern Book

Do share your pictures of grannies, garters and variegated wonders  on the KAS Square Forum page - under Photos and also under Discussion Categories for the October 2017 theme.   We look forward to seeing them.

Update:  Linda has kindly created two photo albums of the beautiful squares, blankets, toys, hand-wrmers and hats that KAS members have made this month to far  - an amazing and impressive collection with many not featured on the specific October page, so do take a look at the links below.





With apologies, I prepared this introduction ages ago with lots of your lovely squares as examples of grannies, garters and variegated wonders - but I have spent all afternoon trying to post it, and it keeps telling me I am way, way over the no. of characters allowed. I admit I am not very IT savvy, but I have resized images, edited the text to no avail. So instead - here it is in plain words.

I look forward to you all adding lots of colour to this month's theme.




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Smashing show of care and commitment to the needs of others - lush wool + very neat!!
What can I say, Marion, to such an impressive contribution - you must be a very fast knitter! 45 children will be warmer because of your hand warmers.

oh Marion ! yay for you... I've done two pairs so far! other projects are distracting me.

Gorgeous colours in your yarn Marion, I am in awe of your productivity!

This is more of the KNITCO wool I've written about recently.   There were 2 balls of this very unusual variegated wool in the batch of 20 balls I bought unseen.   This is more DK in ply rather than the chunky wool I've pictured earlier.   Gorgeous results for squares...... though I would imagine a garment  knit in it would be wild on the eyes.

These are really great. I love the differnt colour combinations and the top right and bottom left in particlar.

Very distinctive colour patterns, Karen, which made me think of South American Aztec designs. A great find!

WOW! That is some amaaaaazing yarn, Karen.  The children will love their zany squares.

I had an offer come through online from Loveknitting.com (UK).....this was the title....Adventurous yarn seeks enthusiastic knitter!!

It was for Paintbox Chunky Pots yarn...it looks very similar (in the ball) to yours. Oh the darn temptation.  :((  

The variegated yarn inspired the autumn leaves.

Amy, your blanket is stunning! Autumn hues are amongst my favorite and I love the abstract design of the leaves in the centre.

This is wonderful. The colours are lovely.

Superb, Amy. A real masterpiece.



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