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I am delighted to host another  KAS monthly and there  is something for everyone in this month's topic,   Whatever your level of skill,  let your imagination run riot with your choice of yarn, stitch, colour, pattern, texture, motif, and design to create squares, beanie hats, hand warmers and toys, 

Here are just a few ideas to get your needles clicking, though members from the southern hemisphere will have their own interpretations of the seasons. Be inspired by the colours of nature, by activities, events, and by food.   Below are some wonderful examples that KAS members have already contributed this year.


Green, yellow, white, purple.

Snowdrops, crocuses, daffodils, hyacinths, aubrietia, irises.

Easter eggs, Easter bonnets, chickens, bunnies and lambs, rainbows.

Spring into action in the fresh air,  or Spring clean in the house!   SUMMER

Cottage garden flowers – roses, delphiniums, nasturtiums, cornflowers, sweet peas. poppies in a cornfield – and lots, lots  more.  

Sun, sea, sand, beach balls, swimming, cricket bats, tennis racquets

Salads, ice-cream, lollies, barbecues.

National Events – France (Bastille Day)  USA (Independence Day), UK (Trooping the Colour) - and I am sure many more.AUTUMN/FALL

Gold, russet, bronze, copper, orange, green.

Berries, leaves, pumpkins, apples, Halloween, Bonfire Night   

Football, rugby, hockey


Blue & white ice colours, log fires. Christmas colours & motifs, winter sports.

Even if you have only time to make a few items, they will all be welcomed. You will be helping to bring colour. cheerfulness and warmth into the children's lives.

I look forward to seeing your contributions on the Forum.

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Susan, I can't take the credit for making the leaves, I bought a packet of them earlier this year in a shop called The Works, which maybe familiar to you, they tend to sell budget craft items. I always browse to see if anything could be suitable as embellishments for a blanket, but there rarely is, so I was delighted to find these soft fabric leaves! I can't remember if I paid £1.50 or £1.99 for a bag that contains enough for several blanket, so they are likely to appear in future themes.

Thank you for your kind comments and for hosting a lovely theme :))

I was also trying to zoom in on the leaves, Christine!  A brilliant find and a beautiful blanket.

What a great find...and what a GORGEOUS blanket, Chris!! I love your arrangement of the leaves....someone is going to feel sooooo lucky to receive this blanket.  :))

A Squirrel and a Sycamore/Maple leaf for Autumn and a Snowman and a Fir Tree for Winter:

We're still getting gloriously sunny days here - hence the deep shadows on the photos.

Patricia, I love your Autumn and Winter squares, they are all delightful, but I especially like your squirrel :))

I do so enjoy looking at how creative everyone has been, and how we all interpret the themes each month.

There have been some simply gorgeous squares and blankets for this theme!

How I agree, Rebecca!  

Absolutely FAB, Patricia!! Your cute squirrel and snowman, especially so.  :))

You're obviously stealing our sunshine.....the supposed warm Spring days have been very few and far between.  :))

Mums and Pansies

A little woodland creature ready for any season.

LOVING your 'flower' squares, Amy, especially the pansies.  :))

FANTASTIC Mr. Fox is certainly going to get noticed in one lucky littlie's blanket...wow!

October 2018 Theme - The Seasons

The weather seems to have forgotten that it's Spring at my house, but the beautiful blue wrens are in abundance....I just LOVE them. Four different shades of blue on this wren, but not all are really distinguishable in the photo.



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