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                                           Christmas already !

Yes, KASFolk, it is time to think about Christmas.

There is a popular song in North America called:

All I want for Christmas is my 2 front teeth.

For a child in South Africa, perhaps we could change the lyrics to:

All I want for Christmas is a blanket and a hat. 

Let’s see how many blankets we can have ready for Christmas.  The volunteers in South Africa will sew the squares together but it would be fun to know how many cyber blankets we could make in a month.

Plain Janes in greens, reds;  Sparkly squares;  Shiny squares and, of course,  squares decorated with trees,  snowpeople,  stars,  candles,  hearts (to mention a few ideas) will make the blankets very festive.


We will be keeping children like this sweet angel, warm and cozy.                                   

  “I will honour Christmas in my heart, and try to keep it all the year.”

                                   - Charles Dickens A Christmas Carol

 * * * * * * * *

Please upload your photos to the photo page and also to this discussion.  

(Not sure how to add a photo ? Click here  then scroll to “how do I add a Photo to a discussion” )

Gitta has graciously offered to add the photos to an album.


Mary has once again added an album to her  Flickr account.



 Thank you to everyone who participated.    

We are keeping 8 children warm !  


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Dana has given us a great start with a dozen beautiful squares.

I have been away for a couple of days....just got home a half hour ago (its now 4.15 pm)...but am madly trying to finish my last 3 squares for the September challenge......just under eight hours til October....lol.......will certainly be getting stuck into October tomorrow!!!!  Yay Linda!  Thanks for running this challenge. FANTASTIC start to the October challenge, Dana.xx

What a great start to the October challenge! Beautiful squares :)

By the way, those little add-ons in the center were bought back in 1988 when I was buying things to make Christmas stockings for my husband and I on our very first married Christmas. I thought I would sew them onto the stockings but ended up not and have had these ever since wondering when they'd come in handy.  I forgot about them but was digging around in my art cabinet and found them this summer. I was so excited; I immediately thought KAS Christmas squares!!!!  And, there ya go! Who says we should not hang on to stuff......

Glad you saved them as they make a lovely addition to the squares. They will delight the children.

They look good. They are even more special because those squares have your precious memories stitched onto them. :)

Dana you are extraordinary! These squares are just beautiful! Thanks for the idea of the embellishements! I'm going to go treasure hunting in my button boxes tonight!

Wonderful bright start to this challenge.  Especially love the candy cane :)

Great start to the October Challenge Linda - you have really captured the spirit and love.  

I have to agree with Pam :) and I love the photo of the Christmas tree with the squares :)

The beautifully decorated tree is by Jeni in Scotland. Great way to delight her son and decorate her tree!!

The latest donation of squares had a few squares which when upsized, make a perfect addition to the Christmas challenge.  The centres are fluffy mohair (?) and I added the green.





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