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October Challenge - dedicate a square stash buster and KAS's first birthday.

Sorry everyone, if you are in this thread can you put your dedications in the October tally as Kalai is moderating that thread now. If you have put your dedication in here, could I ask you to copy and paste it into her thread. I will close this one now. Thank you so much.

OK, I think we have a yes!! We look forward to reading your dedications and hopefully seeing the photographs of your squares. There are some fun, moving, happy, sad ideas in here already. I will post when the card is on the site and ready for downloading if you want to use that card to send with your square to explain who or what you have dedicated the square too, but if you would prefer to use your own cards, please do. In the ideas thread there has been lots of talk of sending postcards of where you come from to the children, so this would be an ideal time to do so as well with your dedication on the back - Postcards of Love both to whom you are dedicating the square and to the children. I hope you will love knitting/crocheting the squares this month thinking not only about the child who will be warmed by it, but also the reason you are dedicating it.

Please post in here your dedication though, as that way we can collect them and add them to the KAS Book due out this year. I hope this will be a very special month.

Oops everyone, October 1 is on us and we none of us had time to confer as to what the challenge should be. I have just gone through all the discussions in the forum on challenges. Four things stand out.
1. It is KAS's first birthday this month
2. Everyone thinks a stash buster would be a lovely challenge (only using yarns you have)
3. We need a simple square month inbetween the more complex challenges
4. Everyone loves Elizabeth's Dedicate a Square idea to someone living or no longer.
So before we set this one in stone, could we have some feedback (quickly) on whether this is a good idea?

I am happy to design a download card that folk can write in about who they are dedicating the square to. Copying in Jeanne's great comments about the idea here for inspiration.

Personally I love the idea of 'using' up yarn. It sits well with what we are doing for those who have so little. Look forward to your ideas, lets settle on a plan by tomorrow!!

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From Jeanne for inspiration: (Although I think rather than in memoriam, dedicated to allows us to think about living folk too (like Nelson Mandela).

I think an "In Memoriam" month would be superb. It gets my mind going immediately. Would I make a GO-OVER in honour of my mom and all the sweaters she knit for us down the years, or would I make a blanket in honour of someone like Nelson Mandela? (yes, he's still with us but there are living memorials too right?) There's so many ways to go with this. Making squares with hummingbirds on them would also fit my mother as she loved those birds so. What a superb idea. I think an "In Memoriam" challenge ought to be a regular, once a year event. We could send poppy ones for those we know who died in wars, the list goes on and on and on. A motorcyle square for a biker friend who passed on. The recessional at his funeral was "Born to be Wild" by Steppenwolf. I couldn't help but smile!!! All the bikers who showed up in leather and long beards raised a few eyebrows too. That was the noisiest procession to the cemetery in this town's history, over 30 big bikes all starting up at once, lol. NO, I was NOT on one of them!!! Criminy now that's an image...well if you think of Miss Piggy in that biker number on the Muppet Show you wouldn't be far off now would you? ;)
I think this is a lovely idea. I have been given two large bags of yarn which I am franticly stitching my way through as I have been promised another couple of stash bags from peoples attics.

The dedication idea is lovely too as I learnt to crochet because I have memories of an elderly aunt stitching away with her crochet hook when I was very young. It is that memory which inspired me to make a blanket for my son and brought me to KAS to use up my scaps for a good cause.
this challenge is one I can commit to. a bit of stash-busting while doing another project can be inspiring
My family and I have really been touched that this 'dedicate a square' idea has been taken up.

From a practical point of view, a technically simpler challenge would be a good idea after the bigger challenges we have had. And stash busting is always practical (my husband really likes this idea).

And of course, dedication of squares will bring joy and inspiration to those knitting, and those being knitted for - both the child and the dedicatee (is that a word?)

I think October will be a great month with this challenge!
I have bags of donated yarn that is waiting for be transformed into something, anything warm for a child. Most of the donations are from families who have lost a Mom or Grandma who was a knitter. So using their supplies for this purpose is a double bonus. Honoring their memory and helping a child all in one.

I am frantically working to finish my first Go-over for the Sept challenge. I would welcome a small project , and honoring someone special makes it even better.

How did October get here so fast!
My husband will appreciate a stash busting challenge too. Right now he has to walk around a tub crammed full of donated yarn. I can hardly think which to dedicate to first...so many possibilities. If you have any African colours then dedicating squares to Africa is also a go. Or ones in your own country's national colours...like Canada's would be red and white. My gran was an expert embroiderer. Doing one with flowers would commemorate her. If you have a golfer or sailor or fisherman or trucker in your family you could do one in honor of their hobby or livelihood. I keep thinking historically, of the person who trained a moose to pull a cart here, now that would be a square eh??? And I can guarantee that any soccer themed squares would be a big hit, any famous players you'd like to commemorate?
Ohhh, the nerd in me is thinking of scientists that I could do a square for. What about dedicating a square to a molecule, or a chemical reaction? Is that too nerdy LOL!?!?!?!
Not remotely, I rather love the idea of a chemical reaction square!
Can you make a square with a picture of a molecule in it? that would be the epitome of nerdiness, and also quite a feat of stitching talent!
Thank you for your idea to begin with Elizabeth x x x
Another random though - is this where we will keep the tally for the October challenge, or will that be another thread? Perhaps (as well as the download card) we could list our dedications in that thread too?

My square dedications
- A red, blue, green and white square for my maternal grandfather who was a surgeon (who I spoke of earlier). These are the colours of our family tartan.
- A green and gold square for my paternal grandfather who died last year (who was also a doctor). Green and gold (for Australia) because he was an avid supporter of all the 'proper sports' - cricket and rugby, in his opinion. And no, ODI and twenty20 is not 'proper' cricket, as far as he was concerned!
- A pink square, for my mum's cousin who died from breast cancer last year
- A multicoloured square for my sister, who is always full of life, love and laughter and who always shares this with the world.
- A blue stripey square for my wonderful husband, whom I love with all my heart (coz he like blue)
- An elephant square for my mother who likes elephants. Thanks to the August challenge, I now know how to do this!
- A multicoloured square for KAS birthday. Multicoloured, like the most-favourite-first-birthday-cake -ever!
- A blue and gold square for the Centenary of Guiding in 2010!

I can't wait to see everyone else's dedications.
These are all wonderful ideas! I will have to put some serious thought to dedications and designs! Definately one for my grandma, who thankfully is still with us and is the person who taught me to knit. I agree we all need a good push on standard squares. It would be great if we could have a dedicaton thread, where we could add our own dedications.




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