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I am  delighted to host this,  my first KAS monthly theme, and what a fun title to inspire us to get our needles clicking!  

From  crochet enthusiasts,  we are looking for lots of Granny Squares where the pattern radiates out from the centre in traditional,  solid  or sunburst  designs - or whatever you enjoy making.

Garters are,  of course, anything in plain knitting Garter Stitch (and its variations)  - stripes, diagonals, variegated wool, or the much needed Plain Janes.  A reminder that  this is the year of Plain Janes and  we would very much  like to see more featured on the Forum here.  


There's something for everyone in this month's challenge, so do  let your imagination run riot with colour and be inspired by the wonderful examples below that KAS members have already contributed this year.

So How Many  Grannies and Garters

Can We Create This Month?  

A reminder it takes 35 squares to make a blanket - and, as host,  I have set that as my personal target for the month, but even if  you have time only to make a few, they will  ALL  be welcomed.    You will be helping  to bring colour, cheerfulness  and warmth into the children's lives.

Here is the link to this month's Photo Album,

with special thanks to Linda for setting it up.


I am pleased to say that Linda is now onto a second Photo Album of gorgeous grannies & garters. To open it click HERE. 

Thank you to everyone- and do keep featuring your squares. 



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Heart Granny

October 2015 Theme - Grannies and Garters

Had already knitted three each of the watermelon and lime sqs in May....just needed to knit another of each and add two watermelon/lime striped squares. Is it my imagination or is it quicker to knit striped than single colour squares???.....lol
The lime is bright, but looks a little washed out on my screen.

Beautiful garters from Sharon Fennell.

Her comments:

Using up some of my scraps, I have promised myself I will not use a new ball of yarn, until my scrap box is lower. I might be some time ...:-)))

Diagonal garters

Here are some beauties that showed up for our Friday morning knit in River John.  These were made by River John Square Knitters and friends :)

Bev:  Notice the striped lovlies in the top photo :) xo

And I would like to share this with everyone.  We attended the funeral of one of our dear, sweet River John Square Knitters last week.  It was a celebration of Jean's life ... a life well lived.

She was a founding member of the RJSK and actually gave our group its name.  She was much loved by everyone who was fortunate enough to know her.  Jean lived a wonderful life ... giving and doing for others.  She was 92.

This is a photo of what greeted her family and friends as they left the church. Yes, there were two rainbows :) 

Below is a square her daughter (Margaret) gave me when I went into the library this morning.  This was the last square Jean made last winter.  The child who receives this square in a blanket will indeed be wrapped in love ... xo

Braved out this granny square in three colors, changing color with every row :)

October 2015 Theme - Grannies and Garters

The next five.....another green pj to go with the three knitted in May....and the rest....green/baby pink stripes. :)) Only six left to knit to complete a blanket's worth.....YAY!!

Four more granny squares to add to the mix. 

You have created four beauties here, Maggie!  I love your colors and like Bev, I'm taken by that square in the diagonal :) xo

Just fabulous Maggie. So neat and unique!

Those grannies on point are really neat.  They add so much variety.

Granny square throw. I made this blanket for this challenge mainly from left over yarn. It is one variegated and one plain thread in each little square.

Once finished it appeared that the structurte is not good as a blanket for the children in SA. The loops of the stitches are too long and too big. I will keep the blanket here as a fond memory to all the squares I made with this yarn for the childeren. I just wanted to share it with you. My inspiration for this blanket came from http://www.insightsandbellylaughs.com/?p=451

.........and an unexpected funny backside :)))



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