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So, my new project solves two of life's great dilemmas:

1. What if nobody else is wearing my style of knitted hat?, and

2. What if I can't find any accessories that match my hat?

If only 'somebody else' could BE that sought-after accessory. And so was born these matching hat/doll combos...

And yes, my carpet is in desperate need of a vacuum clean after making these!

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Wow Edy!!!....mate, you've done it again.....created a GORGEOUS collection of love, warmth and comfort for the children.  :))

My faves would have to be the 'rainbow' set and the purple and gold...LOVE those flowers.  :))

Thanks so much........and vacuuming is good exercise....if that's any consolation.....lol.

Amazing work Edy.  I have so missed seeing your incredible creations. 

I am with Bev on those gold and purple flowers. I really like that nappy pink hair on the last doll, too.

There are going to be some very happy and excited children to get a doll with a matching hat of their own.

Well done.

Hot off the press (or whatever the yarn equivalent of that saying might be)...

What a happy looking doll.  I love the halter top and that smile is absolutely perfect.

Just plain wonderful.

An adorable set.....LOVE the outfit....LOVE that purple hat with those pretty, contrasting flowers.....very chic.  :))

Eddy these are all amazing, well done! Xx

Truly an AMAZING work, Edy. Fun and warmth warranted. Many thanks.    

Wonderful to have you back Edy. I love those dolls and matching hats !

Oh WOW WOW WOW! Edy, these are works of art



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