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Good morning everyone,

I've had a report from Linda Maltby this morning, that she and some other members are not able to access the website or the forum.  

In order to work out the extent of this latest issue, would some of you be so kind as to let me know if you can access both.  If you can't can you send me a private message to sandy@knit-a-square.com to let me know and to explain what you are seeing? 

Because I am able to use both without issue, it is not possible to clearly articulate to the IT people what the problem is, so I would really value your help. 

Thank you greatly, Sandy

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Wow, thanks Anneke.  I will screen copy that and send it to my IT people right now.  Sandy

That doesn't look like a virus problem, and is definitely not a virus scanner problem. That looks like something wrong with the template that Drupal is using. One of the template files probably has whitespace outside of the <?php and ?> tags.

I think there was an upgrade of Drupal shortly before the virus issue happened, this may be related to that?

Hi Erica, we updated after the virus issue.  I will ask the people working on it, thanks Erica.

I am continuing to do research in the face of our IT people saying the website is clean and the various testing platforms they use suggesting the same and some of you continuing to have warnings like the one Anneke posted. 

It would seem that the opinion is that Norton is not very accurate but overly sensitive and that creates problems for the user.  Anneke are you using Norton?

Hi Sandy,  I am using McAfee Internet Security and McAfee Security Scan Plus, which means that real time scanning is always active. Maybe irrelevant info but my PC runs under Windows 7. Anneke 

Thanks Anneke. I have submitted your screen shots to the IT people.  Will get back to you as soon as I hear. We will get to the bottom of this soon.  Seems a bit like looking for the needle in the proverbial haystack at present!



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