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Well Folks, here is the long anticipated list of themes for 2018.....and all coming together under a magnificent 'umbrella' created by Chris Chiplen.


Lots of squares, blankets, hand warmers, hats and toys.
Our love and care in every stitch.
Volume...... so there are always enough items for every needy child.
Every child receiving our knitted and crocheted items will know that they are valued and loved.

January - Teddy Bears Picnic.......Amy...... Teddy squares, sqs in teddy colours/textures and TOYS galore!

February - All things African.........Bev.........   Nelson Mandela, African colours, Flag, African animals,  Football team, etc

March - Think Boys! .........Gloria.......  Colours, cars, trains, planes etc

April - Love @ Christmas.....Valerie.........  All things Christmas 


May - Warm hands, Warm Hearts........Sue G.......  patterned heart sqs, heart embellishments, handwarmers

June - Think Girls!........Karen G ........... Colours and 'girly' embellishments

July - The Wonder of Learning.......... Amy....... counting, ABC, colours, words, etc 

August - Sharing our Favourites.....Sharon F.........whether it be a pattern, stitch, technique, colour, or embellishment.

September - I do like to be beside the seaside.......Lesley......colours of the ocean, creatures of the ocean, rock candy

October - Four Seasons....... Susan D. ......  your current season or favourite season, e.g trees/leaves, flowers, birds and the colours you associate with each season.

November - Celebrating Yarn...........Anneke........  textures, weights, plain colours, variegated, neon etc

December - Happy Scrappies ............Pam......... using up bits from our yarn stash to make room for new stash for the New year!

Thank you Everyone, for your assistance and feedback in compiling this list and those who were able to host.

I hope Santa brings you lots of inspirational and beautiful yarn.  xo

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Hmmm, luckily there are many mods to help.....I have somehow managed to change my reply toolbar (think that's what its called) to something looking quite different when I posted this discussion....now, if only I knew what I had done, I could change it back......lol. 

 Bev, it's not you - I seem to be having the same problem. The dreaded Ning again?

Thanks Lesley.....I just assumed it was something I had done.....lol. Hope it 'rights' itself soon.......when it comes to computers I like things to look and stay the same.....lol

Bev, my tool bar changed a couple of days ago.  The icons look different but are in the same order.  Also, it would appear that we can now change the font size from small to large or larger.  Perhaps it's due to the anticipated changes???  I have not been informed ... just guessing ... xo

Looks like  'our' Ning has an update.  My PC has stayed the same but the reply box on the iPad now offers the same options as the PC, though it looks different!

 I tried googling for an answer without success other than one comment that said Ning was upgrading their system.

Guess we'll get used to this after a while :-)

Everyone is right, Lesley.  If you find you need assistance, just ask.  There is someone always willing to help.  How do I know this?  Because I, too, have had to ask - many times :)) xo

How wonderful - I shall add the list to the UK Facebook page........ and I can feel my fingers itching already with some of these themes - I am already brimming with ideas!

For me this is the best list ever, I think. So inspiring, I may even have to get knitting for KAS again instead of sending the money I would have spent on postage to fund distributions.  Just for a couple of packages in 2018 maybe.  Ideas that grabbed me as I read were:-

              Football teddies and puppets

              Girlie teddies and puppets

              Squares with stripes of eyelash/boucle/mohair and all the other difficult to knit yarns, great way to get rid......!

              Scrappy squares, teddies and puppets

Many thanks to all of you who think up and organise the projects, you have my very best respect   Roz xx



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