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This is the first time I am sending off hats and squares.  Labels have been printed off, but I am unsure where I complete the following.  Is this done at the Post Office?  Please advise.  

Many thanks and regards 


Fill in the customs declaration, listing 0 or I as the value.  Anything more incurs duties***

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Hi Wilma.

Thank you for your upcoming parcel for Knit A Square.  :))

The customs note you can do at the post office, but please declare everything that is in your parcel as 'knitted squares for charity'....and put a zero value on the customs form, or a pound if your post office won't allow you to put zero. Please don't declare the hats as being hats, as they will then be classed as a 'commercial product' and Ronda will find herself paying fees when they arrive in South Africa. I know that may seem a little dishonest, but Ronda doesn't sell the hats, so it seems wrong for the posties to charge customs when they are for charity.  :((

I hope this clears it up for you.  :))

I always put "knitted goods for charity" on my parcels Bev. It covers a multitude of sins :)))

Thanks for the info, Joan. My post office can be a bit 'picky'....they won't even let me put a zero value, even though some members from the eastern states of Oz can, so I try not to give them any excuse to make it more difficult....lol.

Many thanks for getting back to me which is so kind and I I shall take your advice. Bev also responded.

Many thanks for this information which is extremely useful. I can now confidently send off the parcels.

Thanks again.



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