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I love the look of the "floating" stripes on these squares, posted elsewhere in this forum. Can anyone tell me, is the striped center knitted first and then the border added all around, or is it knitted it all across? It appears that the stitches are done in one continuous row, edge to edge. Can anyone share the pattern, or describe to me how to handle the color changes easily? Thank you!

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I'm gonna fiddle with it later and see if I can figure out what she did, but I can tell it's knitting straight back and forth. I think the stitches would be different on the sides if they were added afterward.....

I just made one and it is definitely back and forth. Worst part for me was to keep four strands of yarn untangled but other than that not too bad. Lovely squares in the picture.

Did yours have holes on the edge of the stripes? Mine did. And keeping the four strand straight is definitely a challenge lol. I'll post a pic in a sec

Here's my best attempt.....

Well that looks like fun, hehe! Thanks for giving it a go. That does help me visualize it better.

Thank you for the help. I think I've got it now. I think you'll need to twist the yarns with each color change to avoid holes, and yes, have 2 balls of the border color.

Thank you Michele for redirecting me here where I could find the answers.   I might give it a try when I have a bit more patience ... LOL!  I don't mind having multiple strands of yarn going at any one time, so I think I can manage it, but I'm also tempted to just do the striped part in knitting, then do a crochet border around.  It might be awhile before I have a result to show, but it is definitely on the list of things to try.   Thank you all for your help.  It is always such a pleasure to learn from KAS folk!  :)

I made a couple and I agree with Cherry that the problem is avoiding a hole at the end of the striped section. I used another small ball of the border colour (red) at the left-hand side and twisted the yarns on each colour change. I'm not much good at keeping my yarns separated so I had to untangle from time to time which is what I find the slowest bit. Whilst making the red one I wondered how it would work with fewer yarns so I tried a simpler stripe.

The green bordered square only uses two strands. For this one I knitted the right-hand border, then joined in the variegated yarn and knitted the central section, then turned back and knitted the wrong side, including twisting in the green border again. Then I knitted the green stripe, right across all stitches on the needle, turned and knitted the border (5 in my case), turned again and knitted 5 again, and then knitted right across all the stitches. This did result in a very small hole but not enough to worry about I thought as it was only two rows. It was certainly a lot quicker but of course it's only a variation and I can't think of a simpler way to make the original I'm afraid.

Well done, Christine!  I'm not sure I have the patience to do the untwisting when using several balls of yarn.

I think I am like Sharon - I might try a knitted striped centre with a crocheted border. It wouldn't look the same, but it might produce an interesting square nonetheless.

These bordered stripes certainly look spectacular in a blanket and are great for using up scraps.

Would also be suitable for log-cabin I suppose?

Christine, I've also admired these squares in the past and wondered how they are done.  I have to admit that the three colour variation is more attractive, however I can appreciate that it takes more time, as any square does when we make it something more special.  Thank you for working out the formula. 

Wow, Christine! I'm amazed! They both turned out so beautifully!  I don't quite follow the green one, but I think this might be what's called "short rows"? I can read up on that. I'm going to keep all these comments and photos together so I can make this myself.

Sometimes it's fun to have a puzzle to work out, and I'm so glad you had the skills and curiosity to play with the idea! 



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