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Hi everyone Ronda wrote on Tuesday August 31, with this photo and message:

"Look at these pretty Peter Lovemore blankets - I just love having them festooned all over the house".

Thank you everyone who responded with such warmth and kindness in making
these bright, beautifully colored squares in memory of Pete and as part of the 55,900 challenge.  Isn't it
wonderful to think they will soon be wrapped around children.

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Very Bright & Beautiful! Nice Sewing job! I'm sure Peter is Smiling down on these.
I am happy to say that I see 2 squares I made! How neat to see them in a blanket. Yippee!!!
Beautiful blankets made with squares from all over the world!

Thank you for this photo! It's great to see these bright squares made into beautiful blankets.
I agree with Jana. This is making Pete smile from ear to ear. Bless you Pete, where you are now. Wow these are gorgeous squares, what a feast for the eyes. Thanks so much for sharing!
Wow - how fantastic!
Just beautiful - once again, the sewing ladies have outdone themselves!! What would we do without them? Pete has to love it!!!
Now that wonderful display should cheer up any group of children I hope. What fantastic rainbow of colours.
This is another reminder of just how fabulous our SA volunteers are! All those squares sorted and sewn together into beautiful works of art. Sure, I can make 10 squares but to join squares day in and day out - a labour of love.
I agree, and it's all done for the love of the children, here and overseas. :)
How wonderful that we all work together for the same goal..the children. Pete is smiling for sure!
Vibrant and beautiful. Thank you so much for the photo.



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