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Ronda and Wendy continue to bring us wonderful photographs of the children receiving their blankets, hats and garments. Along with many story snippets of their experiences at the variations places.  These photographs not only confirm to the world that by taking direct action our members are making a difference

One Square at a Time!




Sharing has a way of multiplying happiness and dividing sorrow.

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More from the Big Smiles distribution :

It's great to see there smiling faces with and blanklet to keep then warm and cozy .

More from the Big Smiles distribution :

Pam, every time you post a series of photos, I think to myself "The children in this creche are the cutest"..... and then you post some from another creche.... and find myself thinking the same thing all over again.  We can never see too many of these photos. Thanks to Ronda and Wendy for sending them, and to you for giving us your time to post them.

My problem is that I would love to adopt one too!!  The photos just hit me - they are truly the most beautiful and happy children.  Put my children to shame when I think that they have too much of everything but never appear as content as these beautiful children in the photos.

When the distributions take place it can be a very emotional day for the children - almost overwhelming, so I wouldn't worry Joan, I expect she loves it to bits now!

What a super set of photos!  Thank you so much for posting them for us.  I love looking...I look at the wonderful variety of hats, and the stuffed toys, some sure look like ones I sent and it is so heartening to see so many of them, and so darling to see the children carrying them baby style on their backs.  Look at all those warm warm squares made up into blankets!  Love it!

Well done Jeanne for spotting items you sent ! I love the blanket rolls, it certainly looks too hot to appreciate them yet, but come winter....! The kids are full of smiles anyway.

Final pics from Big Smiles!

ITHUMELENG - This is the place run by Mavis which was going to be closed down, but for the arrival of KAS 48 hours before the dead line with much needed sleeping mats and blankets etc., Ronda and the USA Volunteers visited her again earlier this year, and, Ronda describes her as a wonderful woman.   Here are some pics from 2011, some you may have seen, but others are new :

It is bitter sweet to see the wonderful things that are achieved by caring folk in these photos .. all the love poured out into toys blankets and care for such vunerable children.. sweet so many love and give and bitter to see sooo many who are still in need while the world has so much it can give..  I hear over and over again.. we should help our own in our own country first... We have so much support for us here its ones own fault if we go without in a lot of cases.. and we don't have the aids epidemic making such tragic storys as we see here. One square at a time and before we know it.. 35 more a chance for a tiny one to live... Rhonda you are an epic person and so are all the wonderful people who support KAS.

I couldn't agree with you more, Elaine.



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KAS supplied blankets, hats, handwarmers and toys to over 5,500 children in 2017.  If Ronda’s wishes come true, in 2018 even more children will receive the gift of warmth and love from around the world.

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