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Ronda and Wendy have been producing quite a catalogue of photographs from the recent distributions, rather than post them a few at a time, it was decided to create a discussion page where they could be displayed more speedily so that members might be able to spot their squares, garments or hats earlier!  Spotting one of our own creations in Africa really does spur as on to even greater creativity!

Here is one of the gorgeous children in a
'before' and 'after' photo!
      Often one reads comments from members wishing they could do more, but the only thing we have to do, is exactly the amount of goodness that each of us has available from looking after our families etc.,  EVERY SQUARE  is so very valuable, and it does make a difference. KAS members have contributed an astonishing number of squares during the last 4 and half years - added together, we have brought comfort and warmth to thousands upon thousands of deprived, vulnerable, and, sadly often unwell children.  Below is a quote from one of the loveliest Africans to grace that continent - Bishop Desmond Tutu which really summarises everything the KAS Band of Sisters & Brothers do, day in day out, freely and without thought of self!  We knit & crochet to support these children totally unconditionally.

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I'm so glad for you, Anne.  Your squares are distinct so they're easy to spot.  I have forgotten most of mine which I have made and can only recognise them by the way in which I make them.

Love the picture of the potties  LOL!

Fabulous photos!  Erin, you look so pretty with your hair down!  Well, you always do look pretty, but I haven't seen many photos where your hair was down LOL!  I love seeing all of you, enjoying the fruits of your labor and sharing the love!  Awesome pictures!

A Re Boneng - blankets distributed :

Great hats and wonderful blankets in these pics. Thanks so much for sharing. Some of the children look a bit "woa what is going on here" ! I am sure their treasures will mean a great deal to them when they get over it all !

Happy Kids!  Happy Volunteers!  Happy KAS participants!

The red and green diagonal stripey square with gold ribbon round, in the second-to-last picture is one I made for the October 2012 Christmas challenge.

My eyes are spinning. I have been too busy knitting to check on photos lately and the KasSnippets has given me all the links and I have been seeing hundreds of amazing children.  The colours of the blankets etc are so bright and extraordinary when they are all together. I can see other Kasers have comments on photos months ago.

Thank you Ronda and your team for all the fantastic photos and the children are so kind to us posing or grouping up. Wonderful. {:-) xxxx

More children in blankets from Fundani Nathi - 18th July Nelson Mandela Day

Love all these pictures!  Glad the red & white hats are being used.

More blankets distributed at A Re Boneng :

Such serious faces.  I bet when they found out that they could keep them, we got smiles.  



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