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Ronda and Wendy have been producing quite a catalogue of photographs from the recent distributions, rather than post them a few at a time, it was decided to create a discussion page where they could be displayed more speedily so that members might be able to spot their squares, garments or hats earlier!  Spotting one of our own creations in Africa really does spur as on to even greater creativity!

Here is one of the gorgeous children in a
'before' and 'after' photo!
      Often one reads comments from members wishing they could do more, but the only thing we have to do, is exactly the amount of goodness that each of us has available from looking after our families etc.,  EVERY SQUARE  is so very valuable, and it does make a difference. KAS members have contributed an astonishing number of squares during the last 4 and half years - added together, we have brought comfort and warmth to thousands upon thousands of deprived, vulnerable, and, sadly often unwell children.  Below is a quote from one of the loveliest Africans to grace that continent - Bishop Desmond Tutu which really summarises everything the KAS Band of Sisters & Brothers do, day in day out, freely and without thought of self!  We knit & crochet to support these children totally unconditionally.

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Beautiful faces, sobering pictures.  We can see what some vests and hats can do.  There must be a lot of children being cared for by siblings just slightly older than themselves.  Pam, these pictures show us a 'before KAS' while we've gotten used to seeing an 'after KAS' in Soweto.   

I did notice a lot of little ones with littler ones blanketed on their backs. 

They will have more blankets soon Jana, as Ronda supplied them with a number of blanket packs for the local volunteers to stitch into blankets.  Fortunately, this group can be reached as Ronda's dear husband Peter's company have road transport to Durban which is in Natal Province.

I was thinking the ones with little ones strapped to their backs were child headed households.

Yes, many of  these particular children are in child-headed families Jana!

These photos have really provoked a strong reaction from everyone. After a little tear shedding, I felt rage and frustration building up. The Kas community tries so hard to help these children. We come from many different countries have different religions, different incomes, are spread over all the age groups. We communicate readily and honestly. I then hear about a soccer player who has been offered a 250 000 euro per month salary and a transfer fee of 7 million euro. He's refused because he wants a transfer fee of 8 million. I love soccer, but I feel that the priorities in this world are a little skewed and I'll never be able to watch that player again without thinking of what could be done for these children with just the million missing from the transfer offer.

Yes Valerie, it is so frustrating - hopefully the tide is turning - many of the younger millionaires, like Bill Gates & Richard Branson, are giving away substantial amounts of their fortunes now rather than wait until they are in their dotage when many people start to realise they cannot take their wallets with them!

The bottom line, is that KAS Members are giving from their hearts out of a true desire to serve and improve the lives of those less fortunate.  Members give freely and without measure - it is the only way forward, and, KAS is pioneering the concept of taking direct action.  Everything members do, is done with love and passion!

Well I had planned to read a bit more on the forum for a while this evening but after looking at all the pics on this thread, I really feel I must go and get on with the pastels mixed blanket I am working on at the moment. I don't think I have too many squares left to finish it. Happy stitching everyone.


Yes Valerie, we from all over the world try so hard for these families...and I KNOW this is not a site for political wranglings but I do often wonder what those in power are doing to bring these communities into a fair situation. 

Like everyone else,my needles have been clacking faster since seeing these pictures because they are so very different from what we have become used to in the creche distributions.

Agree Anne!  KAS and its members are bypassing uncaring Governments & Politicians - we are pioneering a new way forward, to show caring people around the world that there is no need for to think they are 'powerless'.  The internet has empowered us to join together and get things done!  Every day we are making a difference and it will only gather momentum!

Yes I agree... and it only takes a lot of committed people who love others to make a difference to those in dire need... love conquers everything!

Beautiful pictures, thank you for sharing them Pam.  I think I've spotted one of my cozy jumpers! I've looked from every angle - I'm sure Sandra Pillay is holding number 26 in her right hand (the top picture) - so exciting - it would be wonderful to see a little one wearing it!

Seeing everybodies work bringing warmth to these little ones is so inspiring and certainly reinforces what we already know - we have so much easily available, these children have so very little bless them.  This is why we all love sending our parcels xx



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