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Ronda and Wendy have been producing quite a catalogue of photographs from the recent distributions, rather than post them a few at a time, it was decided to create a discussion page where they could be displayed more speedily so that members might be able to spot their squares, garments or hats earlier!  Spotting one of our own creations in Africa really does spur as on to even greater creativity!

Here is one of the gorgeous children in a
'before' and 'after' photo!
      Often one reads comments from members wishing they could do more, but the only thing we have to do, is exactly the amount of goodness that each of us has available from looking after our families etc.,  EVERY SQUARE  is so very valuable, and it does make a difference. KAS members have contributed an astonishing number of squares during the last 4 and half years - added together, we have brought comfort and warmth to thousands upon thousands of deprived, vulnerable, and, sadly often unwell children.  Below is a quote from one of the loveliest Africans to grace that continent - Bishop Desmond Tutu which really summarises everything the KAS Band of Sisters & Brothers do, day in day out, freely and without thought of self!  We knit & crochet to support these children totally unconditionally.

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I love the pic where the children are sitting near a wall and checking out their own and each others cuddlies.....so sweet.

Yes. You're right. That's a really lovely photo.

Scene setting photographs from the Evaton distributions :

Van packed with blankets, hats, cuddlies and food

Ronda and Connie

Hello everyone!

KAS provides food with donations received in KAS Shop

The Principal with goodies sent as slip-ins by members!

The teacher is making good use of the windows for teaching purposes!

They are so well behaved standing, in line waiting their turn.

Photographs from the Evaton distributions - more of the cuddlies which caused so much excitement in Ronda's Report!

I sent along the brown teddies with the brown spots on the lower paws a few weeks ago.  I think I sent five this time.  I buy them wholesale from a U.S. company and I love that they are so chubby and lovable.  I have sent more like this in the past but this is the very first time I have ever seen the children with them and I am over the moon.  I think Ronda must have distributed all five of them at Evaton.  It is such a thrill to see the children hugging them, playing together with them, and then binding them on their backs!  Thank you to everybody who participated in the distribution, took the photos, and to you, Pam, for posting them.  These children are just the cutest darlings.  There are so many photos of the children with their cuddlies.  It is plain to see that KAS has made them very happy!

Wonderful to hear Helen!

Oh, and they are such cute bears!  A sweet smile on the face, and (like you said) chubby and lovable.

That is so great Helen!  I saw one that I sent as well, the cuddle being held up in front of the children....I recognize it because of the bow around it's neck lol!  I kept thinking I would replace it with something brighter, but never got around to it!  I think somewhere I spotted the child that received it as well.....such a great feeling.

Would you be willing to share the link for the company you get your bears from?  I would be very interested in ordering from them, if you wouldn't mind :)

Glad to share, Mary Anne.  I order from an online company called "ms.teddybears.com"

They have bears in all sizes, shapes, and colors. 

Thank you so much Helen! I will definitely check that out!

Those teddies are so cuddly. They must bring real pleasure to the children.



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