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Please just vote on the Mars website to help us  raise £300 to buy wool for KAS. 

Mars are giving away five lots of £300 every week for the next 16 weeks on their website here - 


I have put up an entry for Knit for Life and if we are successful we can get so many squares knitted. 

Knit for Life is the charity Elaine and I have registered in the UK to raise funds for KAS (We could not use the name KAS UK for various reasons) 

Every week for 16 weeks they will give an award to the application with the most votes, and 4 other awards which they will choose on merit.  PLEASE VOTE for Knit for Life here


then click on VOTE and you just have to give your email address, nothing else and you will not get more emails from Mars unless you tick the box to say that you want them.

We can vote every week for 16 weeks unless we are successful sooner than that -  I will keep reminding you!! :-)

With the support of the worldwide KAS community behind us we have a really good chance to get £300 of wool for KAS which we can use for lots and lots of squares.

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Sounds fantastic! I've voted, good luck!

I have voted too. Best wishes.

Voted. Best of luck, this would be fantastic. x

Thank you all - please spread the word by forwarding the link to friends too.

I voted !

I voted too.

You don't have to be in the UK in order to vote - anyone can vote from anywhere.  It just takes a couple of clicks of the mouse.  We're second at the moment I think so please keep the votes coming in.  Thanks to everyone who has already voted.

I've voted and my husband used his email address to vote as well !

I voted. Good luck!
Done it, fingers crossed, well spotted, brilliant idea!

I feel a teeny bit guilty as it was my niece who saw this offer and asked me to vote for her project - but she knew very well that I would pinch her good idea.  Just hoping we both get lucky!

Voted! Good luck Pam!



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