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Thank you so much for that Bev. I can carry on knitting in the knowledge that I won't be upsetting anyone.  I love the meanings behind the colours, their clothes are always so beautiful.

I generally avoid all pale pastels and white but because I think the blankets are not going to be washed frequently as to keep them looking good stick to clear bright or dark colours.

I have a load of squares without a tail. Are they acceptable?.    I also need to know how to bundle the squares into fives please.

Hi Maggie.

If you were able to securely attach a tail to a corner of each square, it would be much appreciated by the team in SA, as it keeps the sorting process moving quickly. However, if you are unable to, the squares will be most welcome, as is.  Thank you so much for your contribution.  :))

Squares can be bundled into lots of 5 or 10 squares. I am not the best at describing things, so have posted a pic...hope it helps.  :))

Thank you Bev for answering both of my questions.   It will be no problem to add a tail to the squares.

  I appreciate how much work it must take to sort all of the squares and am happy to help in any way I can.

   God Bless you.

Thank you, Maggie.  xo

I already have plenty of squares knitted and live in Olivedale, South Africa, I see the squares get posted to Bryanston. Is there somewhere I can drop them off without posting?

Hi Fiona,

That's great that you have squares ready.

Since you are close to the Randburg office you will be able to drop off your squares rather than mailing them. You might also like to stay and open parcels, sort squares or even help with paperwork !   The volunteers would appreciate your help. The office is only open on Tuesdays so please call ahead. [If there is a problem with dropping the squares on Tuesday let me know and we'll arrange something else] 

Address: Surrey Bizhub, Office 1G, 330 Surrey Avenue (between Dover Road and Hill Street), Randburg

Contact telephone:  082 655 5150

I mailed squares and hats in mid June (first time contributor) and expected to see items were received on July list.  However, no mention - were items destroyed in floods?  I am hesitant to send more until I can find out what happened to first shipment - did sent from US using form provided on website.  Thanks.

Hi Chris, thanks for using the packing form, it makes it easier for the volunteers. 

It is worrisome when one thinks a parcel hasn't arrived. It will probably be received this month. Very few parcels have gone astray in all the years Knit-a-Square has been receiving squares. I send 2 or 3 at a time and it is always a surprise when they arrive...never at the same time! In fact, one of the parcels I sent in March still haven't shown up on the list. The parcels may arrive quickly in South Africa but the SA postal system isn't the most efficient.  The US listing for July is quite short which means a lot of parcels from the States haven't arrived.
Hope this helps

Thank you for this reassurance once more, Linda. One of my parcels from March this year hasn't turned up yet either although all the others that I sent have arrived safely, and I have never had any problem in the 5 years of sending parcels.

Linda,  thank you so much for your kind and patient reply.  I feel much more confident in sending a second batch without waiting for notice of first package.  Wishing you an amazing day!



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