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Hi Aprile, Ronda doesn't have a preference but if you are sending blankets please mark "squares" on the declaration.  Technically they are squares....just put together :-)

Whether you wash or not depends upon you.  Would you use the squares/blankets yourself ?  If not, then wash.

Hope this helps.

Thanks Linda. I hate sewing up if I don’t have to.... it’s just that i saw an old post where the local ladies were inundated with squares to sew up.... obviously that situation has resolved :) No I wouldn’t wash the squares for my own use, but a friend was horrified that I’d send them to kids with HIV without washing them, so I felt really bad about the squares I’d already sent...

Hi.  I collected 70 squares from a friend's knitting club.  Unfortunately, they didn't realize that they needed to leave 20" of yarn on each square.

I've just sent 50 squares.....I'm hoping that your group of assemblers will still be able to make use of these squares.  

I've advised the group to make sure that 20" of yarn is left on any future squares knitted.



Hi Ruth.

Thank you all very much for this contribution.  :))

I'm sure they will still be able to use them. We only ask for the 'tail' because then they are 'ready to go' when they are unpacked and sorted in South Africa and with the volume they unpack each week, they need all the help they can get.....lol.. Thank you for advising the group for any future contributions.  :))

I'm preparing a box for shipment and have a question.  Are there special rates for mailing to a charity?  I can't find any info on that on the USPS website and I want to make sure I have sufficient funds before making a trip to the PO.  Thank you!

Hi Diane,

I would love to tell you that there are special rates, but that just isn't so.

It is pricey to send packages from the US as our only option is airmail.  Make sure you go with the cheapest airmail possible, they will give you three prices.  The cheapest usually makes it to the KAS barn in about 5 weeks. It arrives in SA within 3 weeks, but there is a delay before it reaches KAS

There used to be two forms for declarations and now there is only one.  Be sure to check the gift box, put $0 or $1 for declared value, and put square count (1 completed blanket =35 squares).  Please use the mailing label provided by KAS as it has the proper wording on it so that Ronda doesn't have to pay extra fees.

As far as cost I have found that for the first 10 pounds it runs about $10/pound, so 10 lbs =$100.  After that the price goes down somewhat.  Again this if for the cheapest possible rate.  These rates are also at a post office, not a satellite center.  I had one center try to mark up the price 300%, that was $450.

I hope this helps.


Hi Diane.

Just to reiterate what Amy has said, even if you have chosen to sew the squares together into a blanket, please declare them as squares, as a blanket would then be classed as a commercial product and Ronda would be charged fees in South Africa.

And write on your parcel in texta pen BONA FIDE GIFT FOR CHARITY.  NO COMMERCIAL VALUE



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