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Yes Anna, loom squares are most welcome.  Have you checked out the Loom a Square group for patterns ?

Here's the link:   http://forum.knit-a-square.com/group/loom-a-square

Please, where and to who to send personal paper check for money donations? 

Hi Deborah, thank you for thinking of KAS for a monetary donation. The only way to send directly is via PayPal. However, if this isn't an option for you, perhaps Helen Flagg can help.  In the past she accepted US checks then sent the donation through her personal PayPal account. Here's her page.(you will need to be a friend to send a private message).

Thank you Linda, I'll contact Helen. The man that wants to donate is resistant to the digital world.  

He must be related to my husband....lol.

Hi Bev. I think my best option is to print instructions on opening PayPal account and suggest he have his daughter open an account for him. 

He enjoys contributing to several charities and would be so disappointed if I refuse to let him enclose his money order in the packages I send off but I'm not sure they can use them in South Africa.   

Hi Deborah, it is a lovely idea that this gentlemen would like to send a money order to KAS, sadly the cost of getting a bank to exchange it is very likely to cost more than its face value. Definitely PayPal would the best route, especially as it has overcome the issues it had in the early days! My brother refuses to be involved with the internet, but when he wants something he'll asked me to order - online! [Am I being suckered, I sometimes ask myself...........]

Thank you Pam! I instinctively knew: I don't want to become my friend's internet accounts payable clerk. Yep. LOL


Anyone else unable to get into the KAS Pattern book, today?

I can access the members patterns, but the Pattern book just comes up as a blank white page.

Same here, Bev - I guess we just have to be patient!

Thanks Lesley, at least I know it's not just me...

Hi ladies, the entire Knit-a-Square.com site is down.....don't know why.  Hopefully it will be up soon!

In the meantime, Bev, here is the link to the patterns in the members' patterns.  http://forum.knit-a-square.com/forum/topics/kas-pattern-book



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because of a new rule that ALL overseas parcels attract the customary
handling fee and that has been increased to R51.50 PER PARCEL[$3.74USD].
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