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Knowing that I knit squares for blankets, an elderly  friend gave me a bag of 'squares' to send.

Unfortunately they are all different sizes ranging from about 3" to 7" and most of them are wonky, ie not very square.

Is it possible that KAS can make use of them?

Hi Kathleen. It is easier for KAS to receive 8 inch squares.i will email you privately as they can be used.

Kathleen, I have the same problem with squares that I receive each year from various retirement homes in my area. Many of them are made by Alzheimer patients or ladies with dementia. The squares that are perfect nearly always have to be tailed and/or butterflied. This I do first and send off to get them out of the way. The others are then sorted into different categories. If you can crochet then you can bring small squares up to size by adding a crochet border. If some are too large, i try to combine them with smaller squares to give a multiple of 8 ins. There are, unfortunately some that cannot be rescued. Some ladies use yarn that is so thick that 35 of these squares would result in a very,very heavy blanket. I unpick these and either separate the yarn into individual balls where several different yarns have been use. Otherwise I give the really thick yarn to a friend who loves making KAS cuddles.

In 2 weeks, I will receive my annual presentation of squares from these homes. I know that I will be given up to 2000 squares in all shapes and sizes. I just take all the time t needs to get a maximum of these squares into reasonable shape for KAS.

Good luck.

Thank you Valerie for your suggestions.   In the past I have made use of some of your suggestions on donations received.   This time, the variation in size and shape really stumped me.   However, another Kas member, Sharon Fennell, volunteered to take them off me to add to her collection of mis-shaped 'squares' which she will make into blankets to send to KAS, something which she has done before.  

I have to say that I admire your patience and tenacity.   The very thought of having to sort out and deal with 2000 squares amazes me, when I cringed at about 100 mis-shapes.

The first year I panicked. Now, 3 years later, I just take it easily. I do the easiest things first and take the harder part without too much pressure. The worst part is finding room in the house to put everything. I've built up a large collection of stackable storage boxes and sort the squares into the different containers according to size and usefulness!

We started a Knit n Natter group last year and chose to knit and send items to Knit a Square. We sent a package away last Summer and noted it had been received within three months. We sent another parcel in May 2017 but it does still not appear to have been received now the September list is online. Can you tell me if there are any current delays with parcels being received as it is now five months since it was sent.

Very few items are ever mislaid. I have a similar problem this year: I sent off several parcels between March and July this year. All have arrived safely except one. In September, I sent off 2 parcels on the same day. Only one seems to have arrived. I know that these parcels could turn up next month, or a few months later. These are the only problems I have encountered in almost 6 years and dozens of parcels sent.

Thanks for that Valerie, I am slightly reassured now, I will just keep checking the lists and hopefully it will appear shortly.

Hi Linda,

It is worrisome when one thinks a parcel hasn't arrived. It will probably be received this month. As Valerie mentioned, very few parcels have gone astray in all the years Knit-a-Square has been receiving squares. I send 2 or 3 at a time and it is always a surprise when they arrive...never at the same time! In fact, one of the parcels I sent in May still haven't shown up on the list. The parcels may arrive quickly in South Africa but the SA postal system isn't the most efficient. 

Another reason may be the influx of new volunteers.  Here is Anneke's reply to a similar query. [This sender saw photos of the squares/hats she sent but they weren't listed on the Squares List]

The reason why your parcels have not been mentioned on the squares lists is that Ronda has new volunteers. During opening days it is rather busy and unfortunately the new volunteers have interpreted the packing lists as delivery notes, they haven't realised that these had to be kept aside for the administration and the squares lists. Sincere apologies from Ronda and the team. Kind regards, Anneke

When dealing with 200+ parcels a month and an average of 15000 squares to sort, I admire the work the volunteers do.  Hope this has helped !  Linda M.

Another thought...have you read the latest 'That Warm Fuzzy Feeling", the blog written by Leanne in South Africa ? The focus this week is on Ronda's weekly trials at the Post Office.  Makes for interesting reading and a greater appreciation of what goes on at the KAS office.




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