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I would like to spend this summer making QUILTED 8" squares.  They would be colorful and appropriately designed using calicos, quilted firmly, and after completion, they would be approx. 3/16" thick.   I would attach a strong 20" thread to one corner as per the knitted squares.

Do you think these squares could be hand sewn together with ease?    Or would it be better for me make the complete blanket?   

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Hi Phillippa.

In my opinion, it would probably be best if the quilt were complete. I say this with thoughts of longevity of the quilt. I also say it as a person who has never quilted.  :)) When knitted/crocheted squares are sewn together they have a bit of 'give' in them, due to their stretchy nature, I'm just not sure if hand sewing, with sewing thread, if pulled and stretched (as children are apt to do) would survive as well.  :))

Perhaps someone else on the forum who is more skilled in sewing, will offer a more knowledgeable response.  :))

Phillippa it is a beautiful idea. I think it would be best to be sewn up before sent.  Most of the sewing ladies had lessons  on how to stitch together the knitted squares and I am not sure that the firm close stitching needed for the quilt would be part of the skill set of these local ladies.

I am in the process of sewing a prototype.  My latest idea is to add a crocheted edge to the quilted square.  The tricky part is making tiny holes for the hook to go through.  I love a challenge!   More later.  Thanks for answering Sue.    

You're a tiger for punishment Phillippa ! That sounds really tricky !

Would like to see one when its done, I have a lot of quilty friend always having spare material. They to are always up for a challenge

Sent a picture of the 3 quilted squares to Bev Jeffery.   Not sure if I am using regular email or the forum address.  Anyhow, I'll catch on eventually.   Thanks for your interest.   I had a lot of fun experimenting.   Phillippa

Thank you Phillippa. Here are your three lovely squares.  You have done a great job of crocheting around them.  :))

I will email Ronda your photo (as she is not regularly on the forum) and hopefully we will have a reply in the next few days.

Wow, Phillippa, your squares are fantastic.  Your idea of crocheting around the edge means that it will be easy for the Gogos to intermingle them with other knitted/crocheted squares...really no need to assemble them into a blanket yourself, unless of course you want to.

I admire your patience in making all the tiny holes for your crochet hook.  The end result is certainly worth whatever time it takes.

Hi All.

Have sent you an email Phillippa......and for anyone else who would like to know, here is a little bit from an email that Ronda sent to me......

 'We do occasionally received quilted squares/blankets and they are beautiful.  We would normally send them to a place like Hotel Hope rather than distribute them alongside our normal blankets'.

For those of you who have not come across this info on our site as yet, and are wondering what Hotel Hope is......




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