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On Saturday July 18th, nine KAS 'sisters', who had never met each other before, came together in York, in the north of England, to knit and crochet together on Nelson Mandela Day.

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I did send you a message about this one, Cathryn, but don't know if you got it. It would be great tt have you at the next one xx

Hi Heather - I hope you don't mind me tacking this onto the end of this thread....

After the KAS UK Big Day Out in July, I had lots of ideas for squares and so challenged myself to make a blanket's worth inspired by the day and the lovely ladies I met. I'd originally planned to make it within a month, but the summer holidays got in the way and it took a little longer. I’m finally done, so here it is....

A lot of the squares are in the colours of the South African flag as that was our theme for the day.

I made some corner-to-corner diagonals as Heather had brought some lovely examples of these along.

The granny squares were inspired by Cath (queen of the granny square!) and I made some tuck stitch squares as both Sharon and Kathy knitted these with me on the day.

The royal blue and black diagonals are for Sharon, whose son is talented footballer – these are his team colours (good luck for those trials!) and the lime green/pink fluffy squares are made with yarn Kathy kindly gave me.  

As for the picture squares, we met in Heather’s home town of York, so there’s a Yorkshire white rose.

The bicycle square is for Kathy who was heading home afterwards to watch a stage of the Tour de France.

For Roz, I made the heart and the alphabet squares… symbolising a passion for education and helping our children and gogos.

Joan makes beautiful appliqué squares and had brought two along to the Big Day Out, an aeroplane (sky) and submarine (sea)… so the boat and helicopter squares are my sea and sky squares for Joan.

The busy bees and superman squares are for Rebecca and her mum, Pat – honestly, I haven’t met many people who knit as fast as these ladies. The superman square could equally apply to Cath, who was crocheting away furiously even with her arm in a sling (I hope you’re much better now, Cath).

The tea square is obvious (we drank lots of it!) and the treble clef is for Heather who, alongside her husband, runs the York city gospel choir.

Phew! I think that’s it, sorry for rambling! I hope the children will enjoy the pictures and bright colours. x

Karen, what a tribute to the participants of your BIG Day Out!

Oh Karen! I'm so moved to read this wonderful tribute and to look at your absolutely beautiful squares! What a wonderful idea!

I'm very touched by the particular squares dedicated to me and it's so lovely that you've made something to 'honour' every member of the group that you met on that memorable day.

If I were making a square for you, it would have a huge smiley face on it as that is what I remember most about you - smiling all day long!

I do hope all the other ladies involved get to see this posting and picture!

A big hug to you x x x x x x x x

Wow Karen that is absolutely magnificent ,I just love how you have included everyone, my son was very impressed and honoured that you made some squares in his football team colours. You may have started something there as I got " why have you never made a square for me Mum? "Thank you for thinking of us all.xx

I am so moved by this tribute and of course by my part of it.  I particularly like the alphabet, superman and busy bee squares. What a lovely bright, interesting and engaging blanket.....super!

Wow Karen, what a beautiful blanket - so well crafted - and what beautiful words and memories of the wonderful day we all had. You had something for everyone there that day and like everyone else I am touched that you took such care describing it. It embodies what I think KAS is all about - people coming together to contribute their individual talents/skills to benefit eventually the individual child. Thank you so much. ( my arm is a bit better now, much less painful and it moves more, though there is still a way to go.)

Oh how lovely - and as an avid comic book fan, Superman made me smile (I am more of an Avengers girl myself, but.....)

This is just lovely, lovely work and I shall email this to my Mum as she does not follow on the forums here, though I am trying to get her interested.

Karen, this is just beautiful. An amazing amount of work in such a short time, and so special that you remembered so much about us in such detail (hopefully all reasonably good!!), what an observant and thoughtful lady you are. Wow! Thankyou so much xx



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