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having recently discussed our needs with Ronda, this is the updated list of priorities that we have at the moment:

Squares: Top Priority as always. We have had a request from a creche for 120 blankets which is another 4200 squares, plus the original 55,900  squares in our latest challenge of which we have already knitted/crocheted 17,550 so, the total number of squares needed is:


Jumpers: We currently have enough baby jumpers to keep us going.

We are really focussing on creches at the moment which means children from about 2-6. Please can we ask that all jumpers that are knitted/crocheted from now are with these age groups in mind. Also remembering that a two year old head is quite big. An issue that we have had in the past is not being able to fit the beautiful jumpers over the children's heads. Any of our great members have a solution for this?


Hats: We would LOVE to hand out a hat to each jumper that we give to the children.

350 HATS

KasCuddles: The KasCuddles are very popular. We are focussing on creches but often there is a baby that could definitely use a KasCuddle. Ronda's main request is tat they are slightly wider at the bottom so that the baby's legs aren't squashed.

50 KasCuddles

And a note from Ronda - With all the new, quite large sewing groups coming on stream, we have now run out of wool sewing needles – both the plastic ones and the steel ones.  People like to
use the plastic ones to anchor the squares because they don’t slip, but the steel/metal ones for the actual stitching because they do move through the wool more smoothly.  Sorry to be a fusspot !!!
The gogo-group in Kliptown, which won’t receive squares for several weeks yet I wouldn’t think, depending on how quickly we can get Pimville towards their “saturation point” but when they do, apparently some of the gogos would prefer to crochet and knit squares, and then pass them along the line to be stitched up.  Therefore, the odd ball of wool – fairly plain sort of wool but the colours can be exotic – plus knitting needles and crochet hooks will be most welcome.  The contributors have been wonderful at sending these but most have been handed out so there are only 5 crochet hooks and 4 prs very large knitting needles here.   
The normal sewing equipment can definitely be stopped … I handed quite a bit to Heloise because she was working at the homeless shelter for girls, run by Jaye Bradley (Stefanie’s friend) – Umsindiso Ministries. Apparently she was running a sewing group there and was teaching them to embroider – I don’t know whether she is still there, but she did say she was very grateful for the needles, cottons, pins etc. etc.  But we don’t need more at this stage, thanks.
I wonder, also, whether the ladies and gents might – every now and then – pop a large, plastic dustbin liner (garbage bag) in with their squares, if they have a tiny bit of extra space ?  I am back to having to buy the wretched things because the green East Rand Plastic ones have completely run out now !!  I realize what a HUGE bonus it has been to have had the use of those – but sadly Peter’s contact has left the company now !!!

Yarn: please use yarn (either wool, acrylic, bamboo or cotton) which is soft or softish to touch.  Scratchy, stiff or too thick yarn is unyielding and uncomfortable on the skin.  Many of the children do not  have full undergarments to wear under such clothing or they are wearing many layers, so loose, soft stretchy garments are more useful.

Please sew in the beginning tail of the squares and leave a 1 metre (1 yard) tail attached at the finish.   We would appreciate it if these tails could be neatly butterflied and laid on top of the square. Please send the squares flat with the tails neatly wound on top of the square.  Folded squares or rolled squares with the tails bound around them take a long time to flatten and sort.  We would be very grateful of the ends could be neatened.  Some squares arrive with the end just snipped off and this may lead to a blanket unravelling.

DUTY -  please ensure that NO COMMERCIAL VALUE is placed on your custom labels and FOR CHARITY ONLY. 


Plastic rain ponchos - we have enough of these for the moment.

Stationery: pencils, pens, erasers and sharpeners, please keep them coming!

And a reminder: Please go to this link to see the details of the Jo-Ann competition:


A great way that all of our fabulous members can help to fund raise for KAS.

Thanks every one!

*** One final thing, I just received a note from Ronds to say that although all the lovely hair clips, that you are sending are so sweet but unfortunately they just don't work in the children's hair. So rather than spending your money on those things let's spend it on some of the others!

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Hi Kalai, thanks for doing this. On a slightly pedantic note, you may like to reword the last sentence about the Kas cuddles. I am sure most of members realise what you meant, but just in case :))
Oh Enid! Thank you so much for alerting me to that, that is most certainly not what I meant!!
forgot about the jumpers, there are a few ways to ensure going over heads:
1) make a v-neck
2)make a slash neck
3) have button opening on back
4)have button opening on shoulder

my girls didn't have head problems when little, but I know I had to make a loose neck on any jumper I did, or buy jumpers with necks as above
thanks for the update, and the reminders about how to make the items we send as useful as possible to the children in South Africa!

Kalai, this is so helpful. I've been diligently working on squares and will have a package ready for Planet Purl by their deadline of Aug 31st. Thanks for the clarification on the square tails -- good to know that we are leaving long tails. This also helped me decide what to make for the Jo-Ann competition; will pick up some soft wool there today for a child's jumper. I think periodic updates like this are a great idea. :0)
Glad to be of help Paula!
What pattern is a jumper? vest, slipover or go-over. Not a term used much in US anymore
Jan, they are also called sweaters. Vest or slip-over with sleeves is only way I can describe.

I think that a 'vest' would be called a 'tank' 'shell'or 'sleeveless T' in the USA.

As I understand it what would be called a 'vest' in the USA would be called a 'waistcoat' in UK. Kas doesn't ask for these.

'Go-overs' are the unique Knit-a Square garment. Front and back are made of 4 ten inch squares each. Sleeves are made of 4 eight inch squares each. The squares on the front are not seamed all the way up so that the go will have a notched neck. This is to allow lots of room to go over the head. A go-over is intended to go over all other garments in cold weather that's why they look like wider than usual sweaters. There are lots of pictures in the photos section.
Slip-Overs and Go-overs would be classified as Jumpers Jan.
I've been meaning to mention that the school supplies are on sale for a song at most places. I recently picked up 60 pencils for under $1! And they don't take up much room in the box either. :o)
Very good point Andrea. I was staring at school supplies today---60 pens for $7 for example. 25 cents a pack for looseleaf, too bad that's too weighty to mail. :P

Thanks so much for this update Kalai, I've printed it off and will tuck it into the front of my KAS patterns binder that I have compiled.



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