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Some of Mabel's pics from last week in Sebokeng - there were four separate groups, each of about 100 children.

As you can see, it was quite a large gathering with some pomp and ceremony.

Our indigenous people like to make a great celebration of such events, with speeches and dancing/singing acts, costumes and so on.

And always food, which everyone makes a contribution towards no matter how poor they may be ... so there's a strong sense of community and it's very special !

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Oh I'm so glad that they all have toys!

On the picture before last and another of the same baby girl, we can see Christine's C. "sweet peas blanket" wrapped around the little girl. Congrats, Christine!!! I'm thrilled for you. 

Thank you Diana for spotting my blanket! I am delighted to see a blanket I made for the June theme wrapped around a child :)) I am so thrilled! So many children will be warmer as a result of these distributions, thank you Mabel and team.

I have just spotted one of my squares in photo's 19 & 20. I am amazed to see it amongst so many blankets, it is a bright pink square with a teddy face applique.

Congrats Chris!!! I thought that that was your blanket.  xo........and your little teddy square certainly stands out in the blanket.

How wonderful to see the community celebrate the children receiving the blankets, toys, etc....very humbling to see our contributions so greatly appreciated. 

Wonderful photos and amazing celebrations !

Wow!  About 400 more children warmed.  Amazing!

What a wonderful welcome back after my 5 weeks away. These pictures are just wonderful, but sad at the same time. I spent a lot of time this month explaining to family and friends exactly why Knit-a-Square is needed. So many people just don't realise how many children in this world have nothing.

It is so great to see and hear about these community events! And so fulfilling to see that the children are learning the joy found in giving as well as receiving. Keep on keeping on ladies and gentlemen. 



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