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Hi everyone!!   To me this theme screams "Anything Goes".  

Haven't we all got some random oddments of wool that have been long buried in our wool stash?   In my eyes the bigger the clash of colours the better.   Let's make our squares really ping and zing so they stand out and make a plain blanket into a unique piece of cosy art.

Diagonal or stripey squares are the answer to our stash spares!!

Going back over past photos on the forum  you can see such wonderful  examples of these squares

Since being asked to host this theme , I have created some of my own diagonals , using up the odds and ends

So if you have never made a diagonal square , now it is the time to have a go, you can have so much fun with this.*****WARNING**** they are very addictive :))

The Knitted Diagonal Square

 can be found in the KAS Pattern Book 


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Welcome to this month's theme.   I must thank Sharon for putting this page together for me.

Here are a few more examples that I have worked on to fit this theme.   Since my first ever diagonal square around 18 months ago it has become my square of choice for small left over balls, variegated and random mix wools.   It is just such a versatile way of "going off map" and doing your own thing.  

Quite simply - you can never fail whatever yarn or colour you use.   I'll try very hard to keep an eye on any ideas and examples that are posted throughout this theme .....so let the colourfest clicking commence !!

I do love your diagonals Karen, whether they are plain, striped or variegated, they are all beautiful. :))

Wow!  You've been busy, Karen.  These are just gorgeous ...as your diagonals always are :) xo

Great diagonals to start September's theme. thanks Karen!!

These are all so beautiful. I love what happens with diagonal stitching. 

You have been busy, Karen - a wonderful collection of squares to inspire us.

A great intro, Karen. :)) Thank you for hosting this theme.....and Sharon for posting it.  :))

LOVE all your diagonals, especially the bottom set....so sweet and pretty.  :))

its wonderful to see a theme on my favourite squares.  I am addicted to diagonal varigated squares. Here are my first    four for this theme

Smashing work - I do like a bit of variegation Joan.  Very neat too I have to add.

Four great squares Joan....love the mix of colour's in your yarn. :))

I love these Joan.  Such bright, bold colors I  this yarn.  xo

Pretty, pretty, pretty, Joan!!



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