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I came across your website at the beginning of January when I was looking for a charity to knit for. My heart was so taken by the fact that my knitting would help so many unfortunate children so I have started knitting squares, hand warmers and hats which I will send to you when I have enough. I have also gradually been looking through the pages on your website.
The reason I am writing is that I have some skills which could be useful to you. I understand that you may be able to secure funding if you provide employment to individuals to learn skills with a view to them finding employment or starting their own small business.
Off and on I have been making children’s clothes commercially for over thirty years. Six years ago I moved from England to France where I now make and sell children’s clothes for a living as a small business. I would love to share my skills and experience with yourselves if this is beneficial to your charity.
I could come and visit you but unfortunately not until September or October as I would have to put plans in place for my business (and save up the air fare). I have lots of experience in producing, selling, training and marketing but one thing I do not have experience in is websites and technology in general.
Of course there is a lot more to discuss to develop this idea. I could send you samples of the children’s clothes I make if you are interested.
With love and peace to the world

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Hello dear Christine

We are delighted to have you knitting for us, thank you so much. Thank you also for your suggestion regarding sewing classes and corporate funding in South Africa.  Sadly, we have tried this before and there are so many issues which militate against it being a success. 

We are also quite unable to deviate from the current modus operandi of Knit-a-Square SA as it keeps us busy, in fact it is labour intensive to say the least.  Being unable to formally employ anyone, we have to rely on our volunteer base for all the assistance we require and although they are all quite wonderful (and we cannot manage without them) the very nature of volunteer work is that there is no obligation to stay, or to take responsibility for a management decision to add more strings to the bow !!!

We do hope you will understand - we did, in fact, get involved in a training programme with corporate sponsorship involved, in 2015, and found that it brought massive responsibility, huge amounts of work for our dear Wendy ... and greatly disproportionate monetary reward for KAS !!

Thank you, Christine !  I hope you will become part of the KAS knitting community and find it enjoyable.

The children will be blessed.

Hello Ronda

Thank you very much for your reply. I do understand the issues that surround staring a sewing project. I will keep knitting for the children and think up some idea's for fundraising for Kas so at least I can send some money. Thank you and all your volunteers for all your hard work

Peace and love to everyone




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