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Share A Yarn 2016 is just the place to share funny, informative or interesting pics, tales and links about......ANYTHING!!!  

You might like to share family/community/national/international tidbits with KASfriends around the world.
Tell us a little
or share your all
The happy or the unfortunate......
It's your call.

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Looking forward to many conversations !

Here's the latest member of Knit-a-Square....photos by Rebekah Croft, posted in Knit-a-Square FB

        I will help knit that square                            I told you so, look how much I have done


Oh look, I'm the first one in here.  I'm sitting at my desk, looking out my window at a lovely sunny day and a BLUE sky (my fav kind).  

Just had notifcation that there will be a parking ban on tonight, which means we cannot leave our cars on the road because road cleaning crew must have free reign.  Huh?  Wonder what's coming our way!!  I hope it's not snow.  But hey, it's winter in Canada, so I guess that's a clear possibility :)

Oops ... not first after all.  I guess Linda (Rebekah) beat me to it  ... LOL ... xo

Well, I thought I would share something with you that I have on my mental 'bucket list'..... I have always wanted to be able to play a musical instrument, but not being able to read music (and really not wanting to learn at this point in my life), has been a draw back! Anyway, I decided to do a little research and found that it is possible to learn one of my favourite intruments by other means..... so when I have finished hosting the January Theme, I will begin!! After seeing the film Captain Corelli's Mandolin some years ago, I was hooked, so I am now the proud owner of a bowl backed mandolin and I have a list of free lessons on youtube and a pile of appropriate books, the best being a gift from my son at Christmas 'Mandolin for Dummies'!!

So if I ever manage to play anything, I will let you know :))

WOW, Christine, good for you!!!  You are never too old to learn something new.

For Christmas this year I gave my hubby a certificate for guitar lessons.  He has always loved the instrument, has watched my musician brothers with envy (and admiration :) for years.  He bought a guitar and thought he would try the online tutorials.  He loves it so much that I decided to help him expand and gave him the lessons for Christmas.  He hasn't started yet, but is scheduled for his first one in about a week.  He is really looking forward to them.

Please keep us posted on your progress.  I just know you will do extremely well!!! xo

While trawling through pics to replace the one in the intro that apparently no one but me can see.....lol, thanks Glo.....I found this one and had to laugh at the irony. Ros and I have started walking at 5am (ish) every morning, but we both drive about 3 kms from opposite directions to 'meet in the middle', to walk together. In our defense, we do go for a longish walk. 6-9+kms.


I'm impressed on two counts, your commitment to walking so far every morning and that you meet at 5am! Thankfully I rarely see 5am:))

Good on you, Chris!!!

Are you nuts, Glo????? Just kidding!!! I hope Don enjoys his lessons.  :))

Ray belonged in a band for many years, (in our younger days) playing the drums...and liked to practice at home between 'gigs'......oh boy!!!

Later he decided to teach himself guitar on an acoustic, which was nowhere near as noisy as drums.....lol.

I came across this and it gave me a smile....

Awww, soooooo cute, Chris!!

Love your choice for the intro picture Bev!

Thanks Nicole.   :))     ...came across those two 'sharing a yarn', quite by accident, which is usually how things happen when you put me and the net together......lol.



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