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P.S. Not sure about the impeccable taste, though!

Pink and lurid, sounds good to me, I'm sure it will make wonderful squares and the children will love them. I shall look forward to seeing your creations next year. :))

Lurid, bright and cheerful are my favourite words Lesley :)

Oh Leslie!  You poor darlin' :(   I can't imagine the agony you will suffer now every time you enter the fabric shop.  Be brave, my dear ... be brave :)

These things have a habit of jumping right off the shelf and into our baskets and there is absolutely nothing we can do about it.  Don't stress too much about finding them in your shopping bag when you got home.  Rest assured that it was NOT your fault ... hahaha

I love them all, but if I could reach in and snatch a couple, it would be that one on the bottom right with the lovely blue and perhaps the bright-colored one on bottom in the centre. xo

Love, love, love, your yarns, Leslie!! There is not one there that I would not have chosen for myself....yes even the blue one, Glo.  :))

I can't wait (but I'll just have to, I know) to see the variegated in the middle of the bottom row....gorgeous and most intriguing.  :))

I've tried to explain to my husband that this is how it happens, but I'm not sure he believes me!

Agree with you about the blue - can't decide whether it should be squares or a hat - or maybe I should go back for more so I don't have to make the choice!

My goodness, thank you, ladies, for your unanimous approval of my purchase!!  This sale was a one-day only (although I suspect they will have it again some time).  The colors were absolutely Heavenly and it was a very difficult choice.  You will notice I chose only one blue ... okay, they only HAD one blue ... but it wasn't difficult to pick up some others.  Variegated Bev (love that name :) will be pleased to know that I didn't even hesitate over the pink in the centre on the bottom.  It just hopped right into my arms!

Chris, I believe you might be right.  The price tag did help to entice Don :)  I like your thought about calorie-free!  Carron is the brand name, I guess, and these little gems are called Carron Cakes.

Sharon, how I wish I could roll some across the pond to you ... indeed, to everyone!

Louise, I will certainly share a photo or two when I get something made with them. 

I am having a problem now, though.  I simply can't decide which one to start with :)) xo

Oh, oh, oh, oh, oh!!! Are you trying to get me on the plane to Canada, Glo???????

I am salivating at the sight of these yarns....I even like the blue one.....lol.

I am having difficulty helping you decide which one to start with (yes, I know, you didn't actually ask for my help....lol) and I was wondering, could you possibly start with the three on the bottom row (my faves).....that's not tooooooo hard to do is it???....three at once????

Looking forward to pics...but hey, no pressure.  :))

Guess what's coming!

Within the next few weeks CAFE KAS will be closed and this discussion will be closed and filed away.

In the interests of simplifying the forum, we will be combining two of our most popular discussions
into one new discussion
which you will be able to find in the category
Watch for it!

You asked for a picture of something made with one of my lovely Carron Cakes.  Here is project number one ... a gift for a friend :)  This yarn is soooooo soft and easy to work with.  It's 80% acrylic and 20% wool.  The colors are really bright.  I wish I was a gazillionaire so I could buy some more and 'roll a cake' to every one of you :) xo

This is fabulous Glo!  Some of the reviews said that there were knots when it changed colors, it that true?  I have been wanting to get some, but have been shying away from it.  I didn't realize there was wool in it too.  Great find and beautiful scarf.

Thanks, Amy.   I have only used one 'cake' so far, but there were no knots in it at all.  I'll be sure to let you know if I find any in the next one I use.  If you do try it, please let me know how you like it.  A friend of mind has just bought some and I'm waiting for her review :) xo



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