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...at our local Salvation Army.

I picked up a small box of yarn and 5 gently used little stuffed animals for KAS.The lady who runs it was there, and asked me about the yarn.  When I told her I was making blanket squares for AIDS orphans in South Africa she gave me the whole box (7 almost new skeins, and 2 smaller balls) for 50 cents USA!

Then she asked if the stuffed animals were for charity too. I told her they were, that I would wash them, check their seams and try to stick one in each of my little packages, as I can only afford to mail a little at a time.  She said "If you promise me they will all go to your charity, I will bag up the smaller ones and you can pick them up on Wednesday." (WOW).  I told her as long as they were "gently used" I would get them all there.

After that, her daughter came in and she said, "Do they need lots of squares, because my daughter likes to crochet squares.?" And her daughter said, "Yes, I make squares to relax me, but I don't really make them into anything." I told her we use 8 inch squares and that more are always needed.

So now, on Wednesday, I will go get the stuffed animals, and drop off flyers and website info for her daughter. Also, I will leave my phone #, so we can combine shipping costs.

Could be the beginning of a little KAS group right here in my little town!

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Way to go, Shannon!!!

What a great day for you and Kas!! Congratulations Shannon!!

Great Shannon ! Her daughtercan spread the word to other keen crocheters!! Combining shipping costs look as if it will be really worthwhile if KAS gets the Importers License

I went to a Hospice shop to meet a friend on Satuday and Lo there were little 7" bears 4 came home.and were washed ready to go. $1 each , the cheapest I have found !

What a great story, Shannon....thanks for sharing....and for spreading the word about KAS. What a positive experience.



2015 June 28


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