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Very late opening this thread this year for various reasons that you know about but lots of pictures have now been received and should be posted over the next few days. Many more will appear in the Blanket Room 2017 which will be opened shortly.

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Loving all the bright and cheerful colors here.

A hive of activity, as always.....AMAZING!!

Would love to know who the lady is surrounded by her teddies.  :))  .......a beautiful pic.

There was heavy rain earlier in the month which caused more flooding. Storage is better now so there was less damage but water still seeps through cracks in the floor and Ronda writes:

"Volunteer Day pictures including a few showing the puddles and wet items as we arrived on Tuesday. It's very difficult to pick up the details - suffice it to say one could smell the damp wool 50 metres away witht the office doors closed!! We have bought tons of linen and room spray to mitigate that."


Wow, I hope with the new palettes etc not too many things got wet. What was it from? A leak in the roof maybe?

Ronda says that the water seeps in through cracks in the floor when they have heavy rain.

She writes:

"Some opening day pictures from Tuesday 24th. We have made a huge pile of blankets which will be photographed on 31st and all of us are holding thumbs that there will be no flooding this week. The forecast seems to indicate rain, but not storms, so we should be fine. A third flood would be most unwelcome!

 ... I think Estelle is going to include Amy's double squares  in her blankets this week."

So happy to read that my package arrived.

I love all the toys, lets keep them coming into the KAS barn.

Lovely to see the shelves filling up again. Hope there were lots of hand warmers in the arriving parcels too.

Oh dear more smelly blankets !  What troopers you are. There are delightful toys in those pics and as always very colourful blankets beautifully put together.

What a delight to see all those blankets.

I'm so happy to see my sock zebras and the knitted animals have arrived. I hope that means that all 13 made it and that the multitude of squares also arrived. It's so exciting to see them pictured!

That's great, Judy!!

I'm sure all your 'goodies' are there....they usually just take a few pics here and there.

Thrilled to see that one of my Muji twin bears has arrived, and that it now has a face! Thank you KAS SA for taking the time to embroider eyes, nose and mouth, and rescuing it from oblivion. Apologies for not doing it myself. I was in the throes of moving from one continent to another, and really had no time except to package everything up and get my flight the same evening!!!

I have just spotted his twin brother being held up high in the Uthando distribution, so I know that he too is in good hands.



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