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Very late opening this thread this year for various reasons that you know about but lots of pictures have now been received and should be posted over the next few days. Many more will appear in the Blanket Room 2017 which will be opened shortly.

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A few more photographs from 26th February : Ronda writes : 

Just a couple of KASbarn pics - end Feb. Cannot believe we are already going into MARCH 2018 !!
You will notice the rather empty shelves ... we have put on hold any further purchases of shelving until we see if we need them. The only purchase we did manage to get in before the financial year end will be a few more folding tables for the volunteers to use, enabling them to spread out a bit and enjoy more space in which to build their blanket packs. They will be delivered next week.

PS We have already given out over 800 blankets this year and the shelves look a bit empty, however, we do have several gogo groups about to finish their blankets, so stocks will build up as they are needed!

Lovely! Great to see the hub of activity. Never mind that stock is a bit down at the moment, I am sure more will be coming in soon. (I have a parcel almost ready to go now myself. and I am sure others do too).

I haven't been able to be on the forum very much recently as I am now working full time but I do try to drop by from time to time and love to see the updates from South Africa. It keeps me motivated to carry on knitting and crocheting away whenever I can. So thank you to all the moderators and everyone else involved who keep these posts coming.

I've still been sending parcels as often as I can and I'm particularly thrilled though to see one of my blankets in this most recent update! My seventh parcel included my first "all-in-one" blanket and it is so amazing to see it in SA and know it has arrived safe and sound and will soon be warming a little child. I also included some toys in this parcel that were donated to me. A local man was advertising a free bag of cuddly toys and I couldn't think of a better home than "our" children! So, I contacted him but he told me that someone else had contacted before me. However, he was interested to hear about the charity and when I explained about Knit-a-Square, he let me have the whole bag! I was really touched by the kindness of this complete stranger and, since then, toys have slowly been making there way over, a few in each parcel. So, it's lovely to know that these first ones have also arrived.

Yes indeed, I saw it posted recently. Beautiful work, Helen. Many Thanks. 

Many thanks, Helen. I hope you are enjoying your job.....teacher, I think, from  memory?

Pics from parcel opening day on 6th March :

Leanne and Tango are just leaving The Barn after spending a busy morning with us. Leanne was knitting squares, Tango was sleeping and Bongi , Leanne’s driver, helps us open and sort post.

Wandi, Bongi and Vivienne with soft fluffy toys from Kathleen Bergman from the Clear Lake Methodist Church US. I’m not sure if the giraffes are also from you Kathleen.

Wandi with two amazing giraffes. 

Thomas and Nani leaving KAS this morning and very happy children after their distribution.

Thank you Pam, some lovely photos! I was pleased to see Wandi holding up a Go Over I sent in December :))

Beautiful photos. I see Christine's signature Go Over and if I'm not mistaken in the last picture a child has one of my hats I sent in December from London... I think it is, right? No hand-warmers, though. 

That definitely looks like your hat, Diana and it certainly looks good on that little girl.

Thank you for so many photos to enjoy. Wow, what team work going on there. And those giraffes are amazing. More strength to you all. 

Here are a couple of pics taken a year ago - found them on Mabel's Facebook page - some of our wonderful co-team workers!

A few pics from todays opening session !

Thomas was absolutely delighted with gifts Megan Botha brought for his distribution. There were gifts for the girls from her charity BEANIES FOR BEINGS but none for the boys. She went out with her son and bought 15 soccer ⚽️ balls not to disappoint Thomas. You are a ⭐️ Megan.

Linda Maltby two of your parcels arrived at KNIT A SQUARE today with gorgeous blanket packs and soft toys.
Vivienne and Nani were thrilled to open them as they are always so beautifully packed in colourfull shopping bags. Thank you so much.

Athelé trying to hide but I got you. Thank you Karla for this stunning blanket that arrived all the way from The Czech Republic this morning.



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