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Very late opening this thread this year for various reasons that you know about but lots of pictures have now been received and should be posted over the next few days. Many more will appear in the Blanket Room 2017 which will be opened shortly.

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Thank you , Linda, for letting me know.  I think this one must be the last one that I sent in March. That's a partial relief. I really would like to know what happened to the first 4 that I sent. One of them had 10 kgs of beautiful soft toys. It would be such a shame if they were lost.  But I'm really pleased that this one arrived.

Soooo pleased for you, Valerie....hopefully the rest will follow soon....perhaps they took the scenic route. I have 'everything' crossed for you. xx That is an amazing amount of toys!!

Hi Val, In the March squares list - which I have to prepare for publishing - just saw that 2 parcels from you, containing 155 squares, arrived. xo

Anneke, that's good news. I'll have to check my inventory lists to see which parcels have arrived. I see that the very last one I mailed has arrived, but I don't know which one the other can be as 155 squares seems very little for 2 parcels.

Deborah Anderson Fleming your mat games Droughts and Tsoro Yematatu arrived today. Thank you so much. Megan Botha will be taking them to a crèche.

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They are gorgeous. And they'll be so much fun for the children.

Congrats, Deborah....hours of fun for the children here.  :))

This was so nice of you to notify me and a photo too but PLEASE don't go to so much trouble. 

Now, everybody back to work.

(smiley face)

Estelle posted these lovely photographs on her Facebook page today :

Of course parcel opening day cannot go too long without

Another birthday at KNIT A SQUARE today. Happy Birthday Megan.

Thomas and Nani on another adventure to Soweto delivering blanket packs for us. Thanks guys.

Porshia and Michael delivered all of these lovely blankets from TSHEPISO GO BATHO COMMUNITY PROJECT in LENASIA. I love the meaning of their community. It means PROMISE TO THE PEOPLE COMMUNITY PROJECT. 
Wandi is absolutely exhausted after helping them fold and stack the blankets.

Linda Francis popped in this morning with delightful blankets she puts together using “odd sizes and shapes”. We don’t waste anything at KAS. Our lovely Wandi always ready to help.


From our Australian contributors a parcel from Jenny Pengelley.

Thanks, Pam...a lovely, uplifting report, today. Loving all the 'happy snaps' from the barn....and Happy Belated Birthday to Megan.  :))

Lovely to 'see' Linda...what a saint for creating blankets from odd shaped squares. I have enough 'fun' sewing together square squares...lol.

Good to see some lovely squares from a fellow Aussie.  :))

Team SA certainly do work hard to get our crafting to where it needs to go...big hugs to all.  xoxo

A lovely account, Pam. I agree with Bev that it's so nice to see what everyone is doing in SA, and thanks to Estelle for her photos.

Wonderful photos, thanks so much for sharing them.



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