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Very late opening this thread this year for various reasons that you know about but lots of pictures have now been received and should be posted over the next few days. Many more will appear in the Blanket Room 2017 which will be opened shortly.

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Your heart must be bursting with pride, Linda, to see your squares wrapped around that beautiful baby girl.

Congrats Linda!! One special blanket, for one special little girl.  :))

A lovely blanket for a lovely little girl.


Judith Sullivan your parcel arrived from Wiltshire UK today. What a fabulous parcel to open. I thought it was Christmas. Thank you so much...watch this space for our blankets.

Thomas ready to do a distribution with Nani. I see lovely teddies and blankets for the children. They will have a warm night tonight thanks to all of our amazing contributors. Thank you.

We had post from Austria and Singapore today.

Fatima brought us 525 beautifully knitted squares today. That’s another 15 warm children. I remember you bringing us squares when we had our offices upstairs. You must be up to about 50 blankets for KNIT A SQUARE now. Thank you so much.

Our fabulous Wandi and Mabel selecting blankets for the next distribution. Always smiling...

Vivienne with the dearest little tops from B Smith from Clitheroe Lanes UK. 
And Vivienne reading Chris Chiplens thank you card to us. Thanks Chris and also for the fabulous pink blanket and soft toys.

Nani’s distributions today. So excited to see “my” purple blanket. I only finished it on Monday. I didn’t even crochet the squares but that’s a great feeling. Thanks Nans

How could I forget these beauties. Valerie your parcel also arrived today. Such a lovely blanket thank you and so many amazing squares. I kept a pile for Athelé she was dying to open your parcel but she is away so lucky me.

Ann Barnard is always the same happy person sitting with her back to that great gaping opening and never complaining. She just counts to 35 all morning.

Lindiwe has a dreadful cold but there she was counting away in the chilly barn.

Lovely to see all the goodies coming in to the KAS barn. What a sweetie Gloria is too! I am sure Ronda will miss her when she and her Mum leave.

I am amazed how quickly my last parcel arrived, I'm so happy to see it in the KAS barn with Vivienne! Jude's parcel certainly looks full of Christmas joy, and Valerie's a beauty for a little girl :))

Feeling a little teary, so many lovely snips of info.......and the photos of 'our' lovely ladies.....and good guy, Thomas.

Congrats to Valerie, Chris and Jude on the  arrival of your  (and donated) blankets/squares. xo

A lovely outcome for Gloria and her mum and dad......wishing them a happy life together.

How kind and caring is Ronda?! Bless her.

I'm so happy my parcel arrived safely and really quickly. It's so much fun to see that my squares and blanket have almost completed their journey. The blanket was made up from squares made by a bed-ridden lady, Mme Larive, who sends me up to 400 or 500 very small squares each year. My friend Mireille and I sew them up into blankets. 

It was lovely to see Chris and Jude's parcels too.

What a treasure little Gloria is. I wish her a very happy life.

Lindiwe is such a love, coming in to help in spite of her cold.

Lots of happy faces and wonderful goodies on opening day !

Such great photos !Lovely blankets, piles of lovely neat squares, a darling baby,the KAS SA team all smiling and working on our behalf.

Opening day at the KNIT A SQUARE barn.

There was a lot of post from Australia today. Ann opening two great big bags filled with gorgeous goodies. The checked one is from Susanne Leverton. Thank you Susanne.

Another great big bag from Susanne. Ben is helping me open it as it’s so well packed. Susanne your golly is gorgeous and he’s sitting on your stunning blanket. Many hours of crocheting has gone into that blanket thank you and thanks for all the sewing needles and darning needles.

A parcel from Scots Memorial Mission Club Australia. Thank you for these lovely animal squares we can add to the blankets.

Athelé with a fabulous blanket from Juliet Ashwin from the UK. Thanks Juliet your blankets are amazing

Athelé brought her friend Larry to help us today. He definitely had beginners luck as every parcel he opened was fabulous and HAD A PACKING SLIP in it.

Vivienne with a fabulous blanket from Christine McColl. Thanks Christine that’s going to warm one of our precious children.

Sister Susan from Baragwanath Hospital visited us today to collect blankets and beanies for the babies at Bara. Wandi and Ben helping her load their car. Thanks for the lovely cake you brought us for our tea Sister Susan.
Cath do you recognize the bag of pastel blankets?

Lovely, lovely photos. I never get tired of seeing you all at KAS HQ. It's almost as good as being there with you.

And what a lot of beautiful blankets, squares and toys.



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