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Very late opening this thread this year for various reasons that you know about but lots of pictures have now been received and should be posted over the next few days. Many more will appear in the Blanket Room 2017 which will be opened shortly.

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Gosh I WISH you could move out of that place. It is also unhealthy for the humans. Can't someone find a better place for you??

Lots more activity from Opening Day 21st November.

Thank You to you all for the amazing work you do every time. It is wonderful to see shelves  full of colors and warmth. 

Thanks Christine. 

Lovely, great to see the shelves filling up with love and colour.

Beautiful collection. I love the teddies.

I am so pleased and relieved to see the two boxes I sent in March have arrived at last and are amongst the large pile waiting to be opened. I wonder where they have been all this time. Hopefully the 2 I sent early July will arrive soon too.

That gives me hope. I have 2 parcels that haven't arrived yet....or weren't accounted for when the new volunteers started work.

Me too, Valerie....I have one sent in April that hasn't appeared as yet.

Sooooo pleased to see your parcels have arrived, Sandra....have been checking the 'received list' each month, hoping your name would appear.  :))

Yeah Bev, makes me wonder what has happened to the postal system too. It seems to be taking up to 6 months (or more) for mine to arrive now. Some I sent last December and one in February didn't appear on the Square lists until August this year!

I also sent one in March that has not appeared on the lists yet. Fingers crossed I will see that one has arrived soon.

I have actually sent a few more recent parcels by Airmail (smaller ones mostly containing hand warmers). I wish I could afford to sent by Airmail all the time, but it costs about double the price of Seamail and unfortunately I just can't afford it.

Here in France, we don't have an option. Everything goes airmail and costs a lot. However, parcels are supposed to take 8 to 10 days. This is what has me worried about y 2 parcels.

My two boxes are quite distintctive, as they both have a yellow stripe. But now that I think about what I sent in March then in July, I am beginning to feel that these 2 may be the July boxes. I will have to wait until the list comes out in a few weeks. Maybe it was wishful thinking that they were the March boxes.
Wendy and Bev, I am also finding mine are taking 6 months. I was getting worried, then last week I had emails from Little Libbraries, and Jbay Recycling Project to thank me for parcels just received, and they were sent in March.....seems they get held up in the SA postal system........Ooooh, I'm hoping that red and blue striped bag on the bottom might be one of mine.



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