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On parcel opening day at Ronda's home, if she gets a chance she enjoys taking photographs of various items received from the Post Office.  Obviously, Ronda cannot be expected to take pics of everything, but it would be nice from time-to-time to see what arrives.  Many wonderful contributors do not feature their work on the Forum so we are likely to get a chance to see other interesting garments and squares!

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He's sure to have a new home in no time at all, Cherry.....very cute.  :))

He was a pain to pack into a package to mail since he was so big. He probably wasn't very "comfortable" for the shipping time to say the least lol!

He looks pretty flexible....lol.

Some more pics from opening recent opening sessions and a few older photographs previously unseen!

Jess with Sonja's teddy which went to Zanspruit

Elizabeth, our newest USA volunteer who has been in South Africa for all of 1 month, with our dear Donna!

Fantastic photos !  How exciting to see so many familiar squares.  Robin's smileys, Bev's (?) Elephants, and I do recognize the giraffes, but can't recall who made them.  Perhaps they're Bev's as well :) 

Wonderful to see the piles of contributions being opened and sorted and the smiles on the faces of the amazing volunteers. Thank you everyone for all you do on your end !  Merry Christmas and all the Best in the New Year to all of you xo

I agree, so great to see all of these wonderful projects, including that sweater coat...wow.  I love the clock square and all the smiley squares, way to go Robin...all of you work so hard and so lovingly, high fives to everyone involved and a very Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all!  Happy Hanukkah too!

I cannot take credit for the elephants and giraffes (though I'd love to...lol).....they are Sharon's if I am not mistaken.  :))

Wow... I see my November package made it there safe and sound. I can't wait for that group of 10 squares with the Smileys and the Ronda square, etc. to make it into blankets for the kids to enjoy! Thank you!

Oh, Robin, the Smiley's are so much fun.   I just loved seeing them again.  It put a big smile on my face.

Oh I spy that top right photo with the blue rib at the top and the added on bit at the bottom-  page 39. Someone gave me a pile of tiny T sweaters and I unpicked the seams and turned them into squares knowing that the joiners would be able to stretch the rib to fit another square. I had quite forgotten about them. :)

A letter received from the Society of St. Vincent de Paul

What a beautiful letter and all the photos are fabulous!  I loved seeing all of the smiley faces!!




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